How We Should Read the Quran

How We Should Read the Quran

When you read the Quran, do you feel a connection between you and Allah, do you know what you are reading, do you understand the impact and beauty of the words of Allah, do you implement the ayat in your daily life?

The Quran is much more than just words on a page, they are the words of Allah, and when we read the Quran it is Allah who is talking to us, telling us about heaven and hell, the stories of the Prophets and the struggles they went through.

Allah is having a conversation with you. For us to understand and memorise/recite the Quran easily, we should take from the companions, as they would learn and memorise 10 ayat and then apply them to their everyday life.

This ensures that our relationship with the Quran is strong and continues in our daily life, and that we live by the Quran (Dogan, 2015).

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Another method of learning and implementing the Quran is after every ayah you read make a dua, making your bond with the Quran stronger. For example, when reading the Al-Fatiha, we say , In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Especially Merciful, ask for Allah’s mercy, (All) praise is (due) to Allah, Lord of the worlds, The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, The King of the Day of Recompense (Judgment Day). After this ayah make dua, asking Allah to make it easy upon you, your family and the Muslims on this day and judge you in a manner that is easy upon you.

Sometimes, you may not fully understand every surah you read, but there will be words that you will hear, such as, Jannah, Jahannam, Sayiaat (sins), etc. make dua according to these words, may Allah grant me Jannah, may Allah forgive my sins, etc.

If you do this every time you recite Quran you will feel a special relationship with, as while you Allah talks to you, you talk to Allah through dua, and you have a two way connection between you and Allah that is special between you and Allah.

May Allah make it easy upon us to read, memorise, understand and implement the Quran in our daily lives Insha`Allah.

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