All praise be to Allah.

It is beyond doubt that a large number of Muslims get into the festive mood to celebrate New Year’s Eve. People are wishing each other and even party the whole night. You may also find many post status updates on social media and celebrate with zeal and zest. Now the question arises if this practice is haram and should it be avoided.

Islamically, it is wrong to celebrate it. Some of the reasons for this are:

1. It is Inaccurate and pagan.

Muslims have their own calendar and it is being used since 1400 years. We do use a Gregorian calendar because of the circumstance beyond our control but our festivals and important dates fall on our calendar. The Gregorian calendar is solar but our Islamic calendar is Lunar. According to our Hijri calendar (initiated by the great Sahaaba Umar(RA), the new year actually begins on the first of Muharram. The Gregorian Calendar was developed by Pope Gregory. The first of January was decided as new years eve to celebrate the circumcision of Jesus. Its origin has pagan roots and is associated with Janus – the two-headed deity who symbolizes change.

A believer must think before celebrating this day as to who they are following in celebrating this day. Pope Gregory or Umar (RA)?

2. What are we celebrating for?

What is the reason for festivity? The two Eid’s that we celebrate encourage worship to Allah, Increase our Eman and encourage us in doing good. The days make us think about less fortunate and needy. However, New years day doesn’t have any of such specific motive. Instead it promotes evils in society.

Moreover, the condition of our Ummah is as such that more and more prayers are needed, we need to mend our ways. Illogically partying not only waste our time and resource but also make us indifferent towards the sufferings of our Ummah.

3. It involves un-Islamic practices.

The idea of celebrating new years day lies in going to parties and doing stuff that is forbidden in Islam. No one goes to a Masjid and hears Imam speak good words.

4. It is against the spirit of Islam.

Not celebrating it doesn’t mean that you have to be harsh to non-Muslims. Be kind and warm towards them and politely tell them that this is something that harms your faith. There are many ways to be kind to non-Muslims but that doesn’t mean you have to celebrate their festivals. It is against the spirit of Islam to do any of the above by subordinating our own faith, culture or heritage.

And Allah knows best.

May Allah help us all.


  1. jesus, then don't.... it's simple !

  2. Ameen, thank you for the education.

  3. Fasting was not obscure to the pre-Islamic Arabs as a methods for strict recognition, and it is absolutely a well-known part of Jewish and Christian practice. During Ramadan, Muslims go without nourishment, water, sexual relations and different abundances from dawn to dusk. Taraweeh Dua


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