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Why You Need to Take Mental Health More Seriously

We see a lot of shocking news of high profile sucides that shocks the world. These are the people who get everything of this world, are successful, have best worldly things and achievements, yet they chose to take the plunge towards death prematurely.

The reason behind them are the issues related to mental health. The high rate of depression, stress lead to sucidal thoughts and sucides. So if you’re suffering from suicidal thoughts or going through depression, please seek professional help today!

The reason for this article is that, whenever cases of suicide pop up in social media, I notice people dismissing them in two ways:

Thinking it’ll never impact them or their loved one.

Believing that it’s merely a matter of faith and that if you have faith then you would not have depression of suicidal thoughts.

These assumptions and many more lead a person to think that it is completely their fault that they feel this way and loose their self worth. We being the citizens of mordern world do not let people to talk about the mental well-being in our modern society. However, it is very essential and need of the hour to discuss about it.

'People dismiss mental health by thinking it'll never impact them or their loved one. Or by thinking that if you have faith then you would not have depression or suicidal thoughts.'

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

In our time 80% of our activities are mental, the more the technology advances the more our work becomes less physical. Managing projects, emails, even leisure are now mkre of mental things than the physical. We are relying on brains more than our bodies.

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We must understand, that these mental abilities get stretches beyond their capacity, through stress or through traumatic events? Or what happens when we are afflicted with a mental disease because of our genes or our environment?

If we replace the world mental with the the word physical in above paragraph we will know that it is too much and what steps we need to take, i.e. visit a doctor, take a rest. But for mental issues, we hesitate to even talk about it.

I understand. Mental health is often a taboo topic. Anyone who sees a psychiatrist or mental health practitioner will be viewed with suspicion or pity by family members and colleague. Many would rather say that they are going to get a colonoscopy than admit that they are going through mental therapy.

So here’s what we can do to take mental health more seriously

1. Make it part of your healthy living blueprint: just like you take care of your body with food, sleep, and exercise, ask yourself how you are going to take care of your brain and your mental health.

2. Regularly see a mental health practitioner even when you don’t have problems. Having a relationship with a mental health practitioner during the good times will make it easier for you to reach out to them during the bad.

3. Tap into the mindsets, values and rituals that faith offers to help you keep your mental health in check. Things like trusting Allah
, believing in His Mercy, having compassion, praying, fasting, and going on pilgrimages are all powerful tools in your mental health hygiene toolbox.

We must take mental health more seriously, for ourselves and for the people around us. And let’s aim to reach out, to make sure that our loved ones know we are there for them when they are depressed so that none of them ever reaches the point when they even think about taking their life.


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