Making time for your spouse is one of the leading factors towards maintaining a healthy marriage. In this fast paced world, a persons scheduled is packed with activities. Whether a person has children or not, time becomes scarce. First a person schedules time to pray then fills his day with work, driving the kids places, commuting home, working out, cooking dinner, a little relaxing time and before you know it, its time to go back to bed for the same routine the next day.

Life becomes hectic and priorities seem to shift around a lot and it’s usually your spouse that takes a backseat to everything else, usually becoming the lowest priority. As one becomes older and the relationship has been going on for a number of years, one realizes the importance of spending time with your spouse and the key role it plays in your personal spiritual, mental and physical health but also in the health of your relationship.

One way to increase the time you are spending with your wife while not adding anything to your schedule is to enjoy the time that you have to be with her. You don’t have to love going shopping with her but spending that time and making it an opportunity to talk to her an enjoy her company can change the dynamics of the whole trip to the mall.

Perhaps you don’t have the same hobbies, you may enjoy reading while she may enjoy cooking, however using this opportunity as time to develop your relationship can be very helpful to your relationship. Use the time she is cooking as an opportunity to talk with her, be in her presence, tell her how much you appreciate her. Making small sacrifices on your part will go a long way.

Remember that the person you married is a multi-dimensional, caring, intuitive, deeply thoughtful and feeling woman, and you are blessed to have her as a companion in your life, a true gift from Allah Almighty. Learn to appreciate and respect her thoughts and decisions. Learn to listen to her true thoughts and ideas. As you spend more time with her, your respect, love, admiration and appreciation for each other will grow. This will result in a more fruitful and happy marriage. One in which one truly achieves what Allah subhana wa ta’alaa says in the Quran that a marriage is supposed to bring: tranquility.

Marriage is a journey, a journey together upon which there will be many obstacles. However, the joy and tranquility that a marriage focused on Akhira brings is truly satisfying. Keep working on increasing the love, appreciation and admiration between you and your spouse and watch as Allah places tranquility and happiness in your relationship, in'sha'Allah.

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