Is This How You Are Allowing Your Own Daughter to Send You to Hell?

The sad reality about parents and females in the ummah(islamic community) nowadays is their refusal of marriage proposals in the name of "Western education ".My daughter is too young for marriage, she has to reach this level of education before, she has to become this and that, and the worst and saddest of it all is that, this is the same daughter of theirs who is into haram relationship (fornication), but they are not bothered at all despite them been aware and are encouraging it. She is old enough for fornication but too young for marriage, subhanallah! No, let's face fact, what is it in marriage that a girl who is into fornication cannot do?

It's true that we need female teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, and so on, but who says that marriage is the reason behind females not making it to this level. If a female who is in fornication earning the curse of Allah can make it to this level, then why can't the married one earning the blessings of Allah make it to this level if she so wishes? Let's not be deceived by the unbelievers who can go any height to achieve this dunya (world) whilst being negligent of the Akhirah(hereafter).The believer should keep a balance between the two. And if "Western education " is that which will prevent you from marriage and rather commit zina (fornication) then you better "STOP" it.

If the main reason for Allah ordaining marriage is to prevent zina .(fornication) then WE in this generation needs it even more than the previous generations but we can learn from their narrations that early marriage was their custom. We all are aware that, in this time of ours, before a child will even reach puberty she already knows everything about marriage life due to the teachings of the school and internet, and is willing to have a taste of it, isn't it?

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So what will be the fate of such person when she is being denied of it other than fornication and we Muslim's have chosen to follow blindly this evil way of the unbelievers by preventing our daughters from marriage due to western education instead of Us been example to them. Is this what Our Prophet taught Us?

Your beloved daughter whom you have decided to choose the dunya for instead of the Akhirah, is going to blame you for it before Allah on the day of judgement when she sees the reality ( the Fire of hell) and this is exactly what Allah meant in the Quran when He says "your wealth and children are a test for you ". Is for you to decide whether to pass or fail it.

Let's not imitate the unbelievers, for whoever imitate a people are part of them. (Prophet Muhammad saw)

My pleading to our dear parents is that, we should not prevent our daughters from marriage due to "Western education " but rather encourage them to embrace it in other to gain the pleasure of Allah and his Jannh

The Prophet said, "when a man whose Deen (religion) and character you are pleased of, ask your daughter's hand in marriage, accept it or else corruption (fornication) will spread throughout the Land. Isn't this what we are experiencing today due to our negligent of it? Woe unto those who are contributing factor to this and they are Muslims.Let your daughter be a blessing for you not a curse.

May Allah guide us all


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  2. What an absolutely disgraceful style of writing...I have followed your talks since I was in and have been a great fan of your religious debates alway..however, after having read this article and seeing such a "derogatory style of writing" coming from a scholar like you?? I am shocked. Mind blowing. Were you in your "right mind" to generalize all muslim parents and their unmarried daughters delaying their marriages on purpose and encouraging "fornication".. Are you for real? There are "A DOZEN REASONS" becasue of which marriages get delayed in societies. For "very materialistic reasons", for the girl not being "too fair" or "tall enough", "for the qualification being poor" , "for she not being able to earn" for the future family!! How derogatory??? You are almost implying all unmarried girls having a haram relationship and that too to the "extent of fornication". Just look at your words?? You wrote "what is it in a marriage which a girl who is fornicating can't do".Are these words coming from you?? Is this article seriously "penned by you". What a disrespectful language. Also, what about men who "fornicate", why didn't you mention that... And made it "gender specific".shame! if you wanted to talk positively about the topic of marriage, you could have used "a more broad" , a more "realistic approach" to it..with "a more respectful use" of words...Wasn't expecting such lousy style of expression from a scholar of your level and stature.
    Parents encourage education of their daughters because all kinds of circumstances can occur in life. And so that they can face any scenario in life and even support their families in times of need. Also so that they aren't always dependent upon others for their basic needs with which they are most often "exploited","blackmailed" and "kept" in "toxic" and abusive relationships. So kindly educate yourself more about societal issues.

  3. Also,the purpose of comments section is to welcome positive criticism, As I have watched your religious debates and am an admirer of your knowledge, so I got a little too disappointed with your writing style, because your level is higher than that.
    So please review and upgrade. Peace.

  4. Aamna you're disrespectful.
    And this shows you don't fully understand what the scholar is talking about,his angle and his purpose.
    Please think before you speak next time.

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  5. Oh I absolutely and fully understand the article and it's subject. However I repeat again, the writing style was "very disrespectful in some places". I wasn't expecting this from a scholar of his calibre.
    I follow his articles and they are usually very well penned.
    In Islam, when you are giving dawah, you also have to maintain a beautific literary style. Many ladies might be reading it, you might have sisters and daughters who are reading this article. This message could have been conveyed with a better choice of words.
    Also in my opinion, the article was of a very "one dimensional nature" and may apply to only 1% of parents who might allow such in the name of "western education" or whatever the term he coined. Such ,1% might not even be following religion to an average level. I didn't like the way He generalized it and said parents and daughters of this Ummah do such. As if majority are like that. He didn't throw light on the "more genuine and actual factual struggles" faced by the Muslim communities.
    Rest,you are entitled to have your own opinion about the article. Peace.



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