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7 Ways to Face Your Trials With a Positive Heart

Our heart is the driving force for our bodies. When our heart is content, happy and filled with hope, life moves smoothly. However, trials are a part and parcel of life. Some of these trials make us distressed, anxious and when they persist for a long time, we can end up being hopeless and depressed at the situation. Our heart becomes gloomy and questions begin to swarm our minds: Why are my prayers not being accepted? What sin have I committed to suffer such a trial? When will the help of Allah arrive? Before we begin with any advice on how to ward off hopelessness during trials, let us remind ourselves of the purpose of our creation. Allah mentions in the Qur’an: “And We created not the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, for mere play. We created them not except with truth (i.e. to examine and test those who are obedient and those who are disobedient and then reward the obedient ones and punish the disobedient ones), but most of them know not.” [Qur’a

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Spiritual Heart (Part 2)

Mental Activities for a Happy Heart Our thoughts affect our hearts. One of Shaytan’s tricks is that he puts negative thoughts in our minds. Cognitive Behavioral Theory, a widely used theory of counseling, teaches that our thoughts cause our feelings. so here are four mental exercises for your heart 1. Maintain a positive and cheerful attitude The Prophet Muhammad taught us to maintain a positive mental attitude about Allah and about life. Having a positive attitude will give you peace in your heart and mind. The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said, “How excellent the affairs of the believer! His affair, all of it, is good for him, and this is not the case with anyone except the believer. If prosperity comes to him, he is thankful, and if adversity falls on him, he perseveres patiently. So it is all good for him.” [Sahih Muslim] The Prophet(pbuh) also encouraged a cheerful attitude: “Do not belittle any act of kindness, even that of greeting your brother with a c

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Physical Heart (Part 1)

The heart pumps life. It keeps us moving, breathing and feeling. It maintains the body and mind that Allah has entrusted to us, and fuels our muscles so that we may worship Him. It is important to maintain the spiritual heart, but are we making sure our physical heart is healthy? Although working on the spiritual heart is the most essential, physical health of the heart is equally important – a physically unhealthy heart will stop us from worshiping Allah in best way possible. So, it is important for us to dedicate time towards looking after our hearts and working towards optimal health. Being strong and healthy is Sunnah The fit Muslim is a productive Muslim! Exercise can literally help us become the strong Ummah our beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) wanted us to be. A strong and healthy body will allow us to continue performing salah in an upright position well into our older years. The increased stamina and energy levels equip us with the physical resources necessary to wake


Detoxing is the first step to reviving yourself; be it your body, mind or soul. When you stop consuming unhealthy foods, drinks, and drugs, you are detoxifying your body. When you control your thoughts and engage in good deeds, you are detoxifying your mind and soul. Allah says: He has certainly succeeded who purifies himself [Qur’an: Chapter 87, Verse 14] Before starting to detox yourself, you must know these 5 facts about detoxing: 1. Your body already detoxifies itself all the time The word detox gets a bad impression because of companies and individuals who turn it into this ridiculous extreme notion. People believe they have to do something special to make their body detoxify itself. Listen, your body detoxes all on its own. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and your skin are powerhouse examples of organs working to filter and detoxify your body daily. With that being said, certain things can help these natural processes. Most people have an overload, meaning they have


If you work from home, you understand the constant struggle between focusing on your business and taking care of the home. Unfortunately for a lot of us, our inability to manage all our roles simultaneously can lead to one part of our lives suffering from neglect. How can we remain productive in our jobs, while maintaining harmony in all other things we need to do? “How do you cope with writing, taking care of the kids and having time for yourself?” This is a question that I get every single time I introduce myself to anyone as a full-time writer and mom, who works from home, with two toddlers. I’m sure that anyone, especially mothers who work from home are familiar with these type of questions. Alhamdulillah, there are now more jobs that allow mothers to earn a living from the comfort of their homes while taking care of their children. But working from home, with children underfoot, is not an excuse to not be productive, or slack on the business front. As Muslims, there shoul


For some Muslim entrepreneurs, it seems as if success comes effortlessly, whilst others seem to struggle all the time. Why is it that given the same opportunity, one person succeeds and the other fails miserably? Why is it that some people seem to achieve more in one week than others do in one month? Outwardly, these successful, productive Muslim entrepreneurs may not seem much different from anyone else. But upon closer inspection, they have several qualities that set them apart from everyone else. Before we dive deeper into what those qualities are, let’s define what success and productivity really mean. We need to ask: is the successful entrepreneur the one who makes a lot of money forgetting all else, including their duty to Allah, their relationship with their loved ones and their health? Well, the definition of success that we should consider true is not a one-dimensional one, measured only by the tangible amount of money you have. It’s a more holistic,


Are you constantly dealing with a child who talks back and refuses to listen to you? Well, to solve this problem, we need to understand what is back talk and how to deal with it? There are different types of back talk. You may have a child who starts to delve into an explanation or justification as to why he is right or why he should be given what he wants when you’ve just told him he cannot have it. Leading on from this, you might have a child that wants to have the last word, where no matter what you say, he/she has a comeback. Your child may get angry easily or tends to give a sarcastic or snappy retort, thinking that it is perfectly acceptable to speak in this way. A lot of back talk stems from what the child sees as normal from hearing his friends and peers, and even adult influences in his life. It can also stem from the media – movies, TV shows, or social media – cultures that are encouraging of this kind of communication. Whilst it is important to spea