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Productive Advice to Mothers

As we are aware of Islam has empowered lady more than any different religion and they have more rights than any man. A girl has a very key and essential function when she becomes a mother. Since the mothers have a very valued and dignified function in Islam. Their contribution is acknowledged and applauded. Once a man asked the Prophet (PBUH) about the status of the mother, Muhammad (SAW) replied: “Paradise lies underneath the feet of mothers”. In different words, gates of heaven are open for those who cherish and respect their mothers.

A mother has an extremely good appreciate in her whole family. She is to be obeyed. There are many verses of the Holy Quran which talks about the rights of the mother. However, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has enjoined goodness to the mother. A man came for the advice to Prophet (SAW) as to who be treated well. The Prophet (PBUH) advised him to be good with the mother. Three times the man asked, and three times Prophet (PBUH) instructed him to do good to his mother. For the fourth time, the Prophet (PBUH) advised him to do good for his father. This illustrates the position of the mother in Islam. Allah’s Messenger (SAW) says, “It is one of the greatest sins that a man should curse his parents.”

Being a mom is one of the best experiences in the lifestyles of a woman. But this notable experience is stuffed with duties lengthy with a joy of getting a great popularity of “MOTHER”. Often mothers get tensed and exhausted of the duties and burdens pinned with the tag of the mother. There are a lot of things to care about, fitness and food, training and brought up. But the most essential element for a mom to fear is how to deliver up teenagers in a suitable manner. As a mom holds a whole grooming group in her, she is accountable for a human child’s function in society which he/she is finally going to play.
Your youngsters are a present from Allah (SWT). And ALLAH (SWT) expects you to be efficient ample to worth that gift. He desires you to make your youth a best Muslim and an optimistic section of your society. So since that duty on your shoulders, but don’t panic, though the responsibility is difficult ALLAH is with you. Prepare yourself mentally to be on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Motivate yourself for all the upcoming challenges in bringing up your child.

Here is some advice that mothers should have to apply for the satisfying results

OFFER SALAH ON TIME, IN FRONT OF CHILDREN: strive to offer prayer as soon as adhan calls. And try to compel your partner also, to offer prayer in the mosque with the procession. In this way, when your toddler will see his father heading for mosque 5 instances a day, he will additionally be part of his father to go to the mosque. Similarly, your daughter will observe you too.

DON’T BE TOO MUCH STRICT OR HARSH: Limitations are good; on the other hand too strictness can lead your teen out of hand. Especially teens, as this is their growing age and they have developed their non-public way of wondering too, so it wouldn’t be a notable thinking to impose your choices and rules on children. Do ask their opinion too. Too a good deal strictness or harshness can enlarge rebellious mindset too.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS: note it’s essential to apprehend that lack of exceptional time with your children’s cannot be replaced with gadgets or toys. Quality time has extra to do with a child’s improvement than simply retaining them engaged for the time being. Apart from this, you open the bridge of verbal exchange when you spend time with your child. “Communication channels with your children let you understand what is happening in their lives. This lets in you to share your own thoughts, values, and experiences, to build a true foundation for them. Household chores can be made enjoyable with kids. You can ask him/her to aid you by means of washing vegetables, passing the right elements while you cook, etc...
TRY TO BE A FRIEND, RATHER THAN A MOTHER: Try to set up a relationship between self-belief and friendship. Develop frankness with your children. Often young adults cover their matters from dad and mother out of fear. Your frank habits would motivate them to talk about every and each and every confusion or ideas they have in their mind, prior to performing upon them. Especially children spend a lot of time with mother, so a sort and first-rate conduct of a mother can aid them to communicate out their hearts.

MAKE DUA FOR CHILDREN AFTER EVERY SALAH: ALLAH (SWT) has destiny over the fate of all. So with practical effort, dua is also a necessary tool for a Muslim mother. As the dua of the mother for her child is answered as occurs in the hadith:

“There are three supplications that are answered – there being no doubt about it: the supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveler and the supplication of the parent for his child.”

DEMONSTRATE YOUR LOVE FOR THEM: Just loving is now not adequate but an expression of love matters a lot. Indeed love of a mom for a child is everlasting and needs no certificate; however, expressing this love is necessary for your child. A Muslim mom must no longer be ignorant of the fact that her kids need her warm lap, assistance, and affection. This would give them self-belief and a sense of security.


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