May Allah bless Muslim Ummah and heal our hearts.

We the team of Dr. Zakir Naik are extremely humbled by your response to our page and our work through our website Islamicpreacher.org 
We are simple people, just like you. Our only mission is to gain good in this world and in hereafter and one of the best things to do that is by understanding deen and taking those good words to the others.

We at Islamic preacher tirelessly try to bring to you the authentic and detailed information regarding most of the issues of Islam. To read more about such issues, download the Facebook app to get the direct access to the instant articles on our website. May Allah increase us in our knowledge.

Islamic preacher is a non-profit dawah organization and our team consists of volunteers who put in their time and effort in maintaining this website.

We feel really blessed to have a family like you with us, who support and follow our page and are keen in pursuing the knowledge of deen.

A little request to the most beautiful family of muslimeen: Kindly remember Dr. Zakir Naik and especially our team in your Duas. It is a tough time for Dr. Zakir Naik because of the recent events, we pray that he be granted the clean chit from the governing bodies and that he is once again welcomed to his country and live peacefully. We pray that Allah subhanawataala grant him great health and bless him always.

Make dua for our team and barakah in what we do so that this chain of dawah and sadaqa never stops and so we continue to learn.

Sending blessings your way.
Allah huma barik fee..

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