Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Lessons to learn from Nuh (AS)

1. Keep It Simple

Nuh(AS) clarified his message by being simple and to the point, making the Oneness of Allah easy to understand. He told his people exactly what they were doing wrong (idol worship) and he told them what to do to fix the problem: worship Allah alone.

He then expanded by telling them the benefits of turning to Allah (paradise, good rewards in this world such as increased progeny and sustenance etc.) as well as the consequences of turning away from Allah (eternal damnation, Hellfire etc.).

2. Diversity of Approach

Nuh diversified his approaches for maximum success, as he couldn’t know which method would bring more success (so he tried them all).

He preached in public gatherings, and in private meetings. He preached in gatherings and festivals, and individually in the homes of people. He preached during the day and during the night tirelessly.

3. Approaching the Leaders

It is a fact of life that people follow their leaders and the notable amongst them. In our world we follow trends set by our leaders and celebrities.

Nuh preached to the leaders amongst his people, rationalizing that if the people in power convert, they can then influence others to be more receptive to his message as well. This approach was also adopted by Prophet Muhammad, who tasted success with this approach in Madinah, but not in Makkah.

4. Focus

He preached for a long time, and did not let distractions or failures discourage him. His goal was preaching the Tawheed (Oneness of The Almighty), and he remained dedicated and focused on that one goal. He understood that guidance comes from Allah, and that his job was only to preach and spread the message.

5. Knowing When to Let Go

 When at one point Allah enlightened Nuh about the fact that no one else would believe in his message, the Prophet of Allah stopped preaching as that would now be wasted effort. He immediately refocused, and turned his attention to the next goal and commandment of Allah: building the Ark, and preparing for the Great Flood.

Those were the top 5 productivity lessons from the life of Prophet Nuh: an example of a highly productive Muslim. He worked towards his goal to the best of his ability, leaving no stone unturned. He also understood that results come from Allah, while we give our best effort. He exhibited a high amount of patience, and completely submitted to his Lord Almighty.

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