Monday, 16 July 2018


I read this beautiful proper story couple of days in the past and notion I’d share it with you all. There used to be a dictator by means of the title of Ahmed Ibn tulun in Egypt. He was extraordinarily unjust and oppressive. He imprisoned, killed and tortured so many Muslims. It was once said that he had killed 18,000 human beings by means of hunger on my own.

One day, a man by using the name of Abul Hasan went to him and rebuked him by using announcing that he [Ibn tulun] should oppress the humans and to fair Allah (SWT). He replied r u telling me to fear Allah ok well! I think you are not aware of whom you are taking with. He ordered his men to carry a hungry lion and to set it upon Abul Hasan even as the public watched on.

So sturdy was the emaan of Abul Hasan that he sat there unfazed whilst there used to be a hungry lion which may want to devour him at any moment. Then something ordinary started out happening. Abdul Hasan went into the salah, he went into the prayers. The people watched in amazement as the lion proceeded to Abul Hasan then stepped back, roared and then grew to be quiet saliva are coming down from the loins month.

Ibn tulun and the people surrounded him referred to as Abul Hasan and asked him: Tell me, what have been you wondering when the lion was once with you? Abul Hasan responded with: Walahi I was not thinking of what you guys were thinking of, I was not concerned about what you guys were concerned about, I was not even afraid of what you guys were afraid of the only thing that I was thinking of is that about the saliva that was coming down from the loin’s month. I just question myself that whether the saliva coming down is tahir or najas. I was questioning about the saliva of the lion, if it touched me, whether it is pure or impure because if it’s not pure, it would invalidate my wadu (ablution) that would invalidate my prayer as well.

So if the entire mankind, ladies and gentleman brothers and sisters, if the entire mankind and from the Jinnkind comes together to harm you and Allah, does not want to harm you, you shall not be harmed at all. Contrary to this if the entire mankind and the Jinnkind gathered together to benefit you but Allah (SWT) does not want to benefit you, you shall not be benefited. What can only happen to you is only what Allah has willed to happen. Put your trust in Allah.

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