As you all know i am passed away. Alhumdulillah!

I just wanted to make a little video clip for all the followers that have supported me from day one and come on this journey with me since day one. may Allah (swt) reward all you guys and Insha Allah Yout continue to support me and MATW insh'Allah.
one of the first thing is a little piece of advice to the brothers and sisters as you see in this life we had the cars, we had the money, we had everything Allahumdulillah!.but Subhan Allah!, a lot of people during the period of when I was sick they' would send me messages.

"brother you're guaranteed paradise, brother you've done so much for the community for the umah."

But Subhan Allah this is not worth just a simple blessing that Allah has given us, like waking up in the morning and being able to walk to the bathroom by yourself. so these things slowly got stripped, stripped away from me during the last of my life Alhumdulillah!, wallahi some of us don't get the chance from Allah To know when we're gonna pass away some of us and a lot of us just passed away suddenly you have heard many stories we're brothers and sisters have died in the clubs or overdosed or whatever it is SubanAllah. so during your life- brothers and sisters just try to have a goal, try to have a plan, try to have a project, that you work towards. even if it's not you personally doing it and you're funding someone else's projects, just do something because wallah you are going to need it on the day of judgment and for the brothers and sisters that are chasing this life Wallah my advise to you guys is this life is becoming before we used to say five years ago, ten years ago certain things were happening, now it's every month things are changing Wallah we are following our desires more than we are following Islam these days. we just got to be careful because wallah it's not a joke anymore.
our kids getting affected .everybody is affected Wallah sometime i used to just used to sit on my bed and cry .i just wanted that support from people and then Subhan Allah ,Allah brings you people that you have never thought they will be pat of your life or friends that you did not ever know they existed .when i used to travel i used to meet certain people,alot of them actually went out of their way to come all the way from dubai or the uk or where ever it was to come to actually visit me whwn i was sick or in the hosipital thats love for the sake of Allah, the almighty .
No photos, no nothing like that just come to visit,14 hours flight, just to see if i am ok Suban Allah for the people that are out there that are sick or worried or stressed i also say to you people, don't worry. Aallah Almighty will send you people that you never expected .if you really need some one you just have to , have trust and tawkkul in Allah, so a little advice for every one out there inshallah if you can inspire one, two,three people to do something .

Remember when you are in that grave Insha Allah you would be getting rewarded for everthing you have done gor all the people they have brought to islam and inshallah that will help on the day of judgement so always try to have a project or a plan that you are working towards in this life insha allah, that will help us in our grave and the herafter jazakallah kheiran walakomsallam

(May Allah have mercy on Ali Banat and grant him the highest paradise)


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