Surah Duha and it's Benefits

Whenever I’m feeling down, I recite Surah Duha and its powerful message revives my optimism. So without wasting any time, here is the translation:

V1-2: By the dawn, and the night when it is still.

V3-5: Your Lord has not forsaken you, neither is He displeased with you, and the Afterlife is better for you than what came before. Soon Your Lord will give you and you will be pleased.

V6-8: Did I not find you an orphan then granted you support, and found you wondering and guided you, and found you poor and granted you wealth?

V 9-12: So do not oppress the orphans, and do not chase away those who ask, and speak about the favors of Your lord.

The Summary:

1. This Surah was revealed when the Prophet (peace be upon him) had not received revelation for a while and was saddened because of this.

2. Allah turns our attention to the Afterlife and an optimistic view of the future, to ease our hearts of our current worries.

3. Allah turns our attention then to the past and all the different obstacles He helped us overcome previously, as signs that He will assist us again.

4. Allah teaches us to find happiness in serving others, treating people well and speaking about His Blessings in our lives which far outweigh our worries.

Practical Benefits:

1. Ponder over these verses the next time you are feeling down.

2. Focus on our goal – Paradise and don’t let the worries of this world distract us from them.

3. When things go bad, recall every time Allah helped you out of a bad situation before, and be assured that He will do so again if we are patient.

4. The secret to happiness is in spending on others of our wealth, knowledge and time, so do not be stingy with any of these resources.

5. When feeling down, talk about all the good things that Allah has blessed you with and you will realize the blessings outweigh the causes of worry.

We end by asking Allah (swt) to protect us all from anxiety and depression.

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