My beloved brothers and sisters in islam sometimes the rules and regulations that allah (swt) has laid down are not understood by us. it is necessary for us being as a believer to understand the rules and regulation that allah (swt) has imposed on us even if we are not capable to understand we have to adopt the laws of allah. for example, people ask a question when a woman is divorced or when she has lost her spouse through she has become a widow in that particular, in that particular case or in both those cases she has to spend a period of time known as iddah i.e. indoor or within her own property or her home. now some people ask questions and they begin to say why this rule there, the truth is that it protects you from rumors of various other issues and problems. allah speaks in surat al baqarah in verse no. 234 those from amongst you who have passed away leaving behind wives those wives should spend a period of iddah meaning alone for four months and 10 days.

The question arises here is why? obviously, we may not know a lot of the reasons before people used to say is to ensure that the women expecting she hasn’t conceived she is not pregnant and various other reasons. but when you’ve lost your husband and you’re so excited you come out of the home you dressed up you have perfume on and all the stuff like jewelry and so on people might start doubting there might be a rumor was she involved somehow in her spouse’s death. to save you from that allah says spend a period. indoor here doesn’t mean that she has to stay in one room for the whole period no indoor refer here if you have property consisting of lawns etc you can come out. in case of necessity you are allowed to come out of that property you might ask what is that necessity that necessity is determined you if you think it is absolutely necessary for me to leave the house right now you may leave and come back as soon as you can provided you’re not going out to be socialize to have a gossip with friends because it will give you a time to ponder to reflect to collect yourself to realize that there is something coming ahead i am going to be living without husband of mine who is been there with me for so long or sometimes for short time.

A person who is already guided a person has some form of plan you now know where you want to be what you want to do and so on for those who have jobs for example and they are the only breadwinners of the home and they might lose their jobs if they leave their jobs for this iddah, the scholars have given permissibility to go out if necessary even to go to work. so if you have no kind of financial or any other issue you have to rest the period of iddah at your home like i already said to protect you from the rumor it will protect you from the people’s comments. we all can understand this will be the worst feeling that a woman has ever experienced you are trying to deal with the death of your husband & people are accusing you of the involvement in his death. remember never utter words that are hurtful and at the same time never give people reason to utter words that are hurtful. so, my dear brothers and sisters, it is in order to save you from all of this type of statement and all this type of situation.

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