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Who is the devil? Is he real or it is a figment of your imagination? Or it is something in philosophy. According to Quran, he is very real, his substance is real, and you just didn’t see it. He lives before us and he is still alive today. That is an amazing subject, isn’t it? The word shaytan is derived from the root (satan) means impure and base. Shaytan refers to an entity that is rebellious irrespective of whether it is of humans or jinn. It also said that it means a nefarious soul who is distanced from Allah (SWT) and from the truth. So shaytan is in both forms (the jinn and Humans) as Allah (SWT) says AND THUS WE HAVE MADE FOR EVERY PROPHET AN ENEMY (DEVILS) FROM MANKIND AND JINN [Al Quran 6:112]. Now, what is this jinn all about? Why we have to believe in them well, they are part of something called (ALGHAIB) means things you don’t see (unseen). We agree, there are angles and we can’t see them they are in the Ghaib (unseen), made out of light. Now comes to jinn, we can’t see them they are also in the Ghaib they are made out of the fire which has no smoke to it and if the fire has absolutely nothing like smoke to it then it could be heat there is heat but we can’t actually see. Both kinds of shayateen are trying to lead people to evil deeds. The jinn kind of them are whispering to your hearts so that you can’t see them or hear their whispering and the human kind of them are whispering to your hearts in a way that you can see and hear them but not realizing it as whispering and he can be anyone even a friend of you who suggests you for drinking Alcohol or any other kind of evil deeds. As far as the question is concerned with Iblees, it should be noted shaytan is a common noun whereas Iblees is a proper noun. Iblees is also from among jinn who was the first creature that disobeyed almighty Allah’s command.In his glorious book, Allah, the Exalted, has informed us the children’s of Adam, about the enmity between shaytan and mankind that has continued since the day Adam (AS) was created

We don’t see the jinn but we said that they have choices and they were making choices even before Adam (AS) or a human being was created and their choices were sometimes good sometimes bad from them comes the one we call Lucifer or Iblees. Who is that? Who is Lucifer? Who is Iblees? You might say: he is the devil, the satan or shaytan as he is called in the Arabic language. But actually he started out as a worshiper of Allah (SWT) and he was worshiping and praying to Allah (SWT) and extolling Allah to the extent that Allah raised him up to be even with the angles. Now, remember this guy Iblees is an angle but he is worshiping alongside them because of his worship. Being so lovely and as a result, Allah raised him up. But then what happens Allah breathed soul into Adam, Allah commanded the Angles to prostrate before Adam as a sign of honor. Although Iblees was not an angle, he was included in the command to prostrate because he was striving to imitate the Angles in their behavior and deeds. However, Iblees thought too highly of himself and was arrogant. Ibn Abbas (RS) said, ‘’before he undertook the path among the residents of the earth and was one of the most active worshipers and knowledgeable person amidst the Angles. This fact caused him to be arrogant.

So Iblees refused to prostrate before Adam and said, ‘’ I am better than him (Adam), you created me from the fire, and him you created out of clay’’. This rebelliousness caused him to be expelled from the heavens and to be cursed by Allah. Thereupon, Iblees avowed to lead mankind astray and, ever since, he seeks to take each one of us into hellfire with him. He is thus, mankind’s greatest enemy.


Iblees deserved to be led astray because of what his hands earned for him. He took pride in himself and was not considerate of the fact that Allah is the one, who created him and taught him everything he is supposed to know.

The imitation was thus, from shaytan (i.e., pride, rebellion, and disobedience), and so he deserved to be left alone and as a result, he was misguiding and fell in Kufr. Allah tells us in the Quran that, ‘’Allah guides not the people who are al-fasiqoon (the rebellious and disobedient)”.

Allah is not unjust to anyone, injustice comes from the soul when the creation does injustice to himself and takes the path of Kufr, Allah leaves him to the way he chooses – even if he chooses Kufr because Allah is in no need of his creation if they turn away.


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