Where Do Souls Go After Death and Before Final Hour?

All praise be to Allah.

As soon we die the soul begins to experience the BARZAKH. The barzakh life is a life which is a barrier between this world that we live in and the world that is unexplainable. It is a life of certain type with its own reality and its nothing like this world nor it is hereafter i.e the day of judgment. it is somewhere in between. All of a sudden the tremendous interrogation the most severe type of interrogation that mankind ever experience before. At the movement of death right before the believer dies. However, there is a different situation for a believer and a non-believer. As for the believer, when his movement has come and can’t put it off any longer first other Angles come and they sit as far as his eyes can see he completely surrounded by angles. Then the Angle of the death of comes and sit over his head there is no escape. Then he tells the believer “come out come out, O you believing soul”. That person soul comes out of his body like water coming out of a water skin.

Real easy it flows out. As soon as the Angle of death gets the soul into his hands those Angle rush up and they have like clothes from the paradise that smells good and they wrap it up really well and they start ascending up to the heavens with this deceased soul. As they go up to the heavens and the smell comes all the angles start to make dua and ask Allah to let that righteous soul pass by them and they start calling him by the beautiful names that he had in this world that people used to call him. Then asked who is that beautiful soul you have there? They reply he is so and so the son of so and so. This soul as it goes up to the different levels until it reaches to the highest heaven. Then Allah(SWT) says “ return this soul back to its body because I promised them that I created them form the dust and I am going to return them to the dirt and I am going to resurrect them from it. When it gets back to its body the people are now covering up his body and he can hear their footsteps as they walk away. All of a sudden the tremendous interrogation happens the test. This is the scariest situation you can ever imagine. MUNKAR and NAKIR appear, and these two Angles are rough with everybody. They have fangs that would rip the whole earth in half. Their eyes are dark like lightning and their voices rumble like a thunder. Then the question answer phase begins. They ask you 3 question viz;

1. WHO IS YOUR LORD? For the believer, he is accustomed he knows what is expected of him at this movement he is been prepared and subconsciously but he knows the answer ALLAH IS MY LORD.

2.WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION? Reply Islam is my religion and then is going to ask

3.WHO IS THAT MAN THAT WAS SENT TO YOU? Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

A voice will come from the heavens says he has spoken the truth open up for him a window from the paradise and spread his grave out make it comfortable for him. His grave is spread out as far as he can see. He is relaxing and he is shown the hellfire and they say to him this would have been your place in the hellfire. Then a beautiful face shows up and so the person in the grave is going to say who are you? I am getting a good feeling he replied I am the good deeds you are quick in obeying Allah and you are slow in disobeying Allah.

This is for believing soul for nonbelieving should we will come to it in another article inshallah …..

And Allah knows best.

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