What Happens Exactly to a Person When He Is Dying?

My dear brothers and sisters. I want you to imagine yourself sitting at home see yourself there, feel the couch that you're sitting on and look at your kids running around, you're watching TV, you're reading the book or you're on the computer. Whatever you usually do and suddenly you feel this immense pain in your chest. You don't know what it's coming from, it's just this immense pain and you take a deep breath and you think it will go away but it doesn't and this pain is just increasing and suddenly you see yourself sweating. You stand up to find something, a cup of water or some medicine but as soon as you stand up you fall to the ground.

Your family comes rushing to you. What's happening? are you okay? you look at them and a tear comes out of your eye but you cannot utter a single word because at that moment brothers and sisters you can see angels coming in to the room. You know that it's your time and suddenly you feel this tingling feeling in your toes and it starts to crawl up your legs, everything it touches turns blue cold and dies.

Your soul is slowly coming out of your body. This tingling feeling you want to stop it but you can't. It moves up your legs, it's at your hips, your whole lower body is dead. It's cold, it's blue. you try to move it but you can't. Your family's calling the ambulance to save you. You want to tell them some final words but not a single word comes out from the pain in the agony of death. You look at your kids. You don't know what's gonna happen to them. You look at your wife and suddenly this tingling feeling keeps crawling up your body.
It's at your chest and you try to stand up but you can't because most of your body is dead by now and you know that in a few moments it's over brothers and sisters the soul keeps coming up and you're at your throat. You feel this tingling feeling at the throat and the soul is just about to leave the body and you're just about to die and something happens.

Allah says that when the soul will come out and it will stop here at the collarbone and everyone will say, who can help him? someone help him, someone save him but you know that it's over. You know that you're dying. You know that you're leaving this world. Your leg will be on top of the other like this out of the pain and agony of death. The soul is leaving your body. Your next destination is to Allah. The next stop is the hereafter. IT'S OVER

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