Six Ways That Muslims Go Astray.

All praise be to Allah.

Allah says in glorious Quran:

Allah, the mighty and majestic created mankind upon al-Fitrah (the natural inclination): Allah's fitrah (i.e. Allah's Islamic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. [Surah al-Rum, 30:30]

The part of this fitrah deals with loving the truth and hating the falsehood because the truth is sweet and will benefit our soul whereas falsehood is bitter to the soul. Falsehood is corruption and corrupts all that it consumes. There are 6 ways by means of which a Muslim can get astray. These are:

1. Ignorance.

2. Fear.

3. Pride/Arrogance.

4. Jealousy.

5. Bad Companionship. 6. Sins.

1. Ignorance: Haven't we seen the effects of one being ignorant and heedless towards the principals of Islam, the aqeedah, manhaj and slipping into the hands of people of hizbiyyah?

Hizbiyyah is that they make allegiances to the people and give that allegiance towards other than the obedience to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic. Or they choose to be upon other than the Book of Allaah or upon other than His Messenger or His Book, meaning that they have a person they follow, if he was to say, ‘It is night’, they would say, ‘Its Night’. And if he was to say, ‘It is Day’, they would say, ‘Day!’ regardless of if the matter opposed the speech of Allah, and if this is present, then that is hizbiyyah. Meaning that their affairs are that which oppose the speech of Allah and the Messenger (salallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam) and they obey and are obeyed in that.

2. Fear: One of the means by which a person goes astray from the path of Islam is the fear. The fear of family and friends, the fear of society and culture. The fear of traditions. They subside to the preferences of those who pressure them away from Islam. A Muslim must only be fearful of Allah.

3. Pride/arrogance: Considering oneself great and not valuing others is a disease of the heart that surely dooms a person to hell. How many of us and how many times do we look down on others and claim to be better than them? How many times have we despised those whom Allah has given authority because we feel we are better than them. A muslim has to raise above all such things and free themselves from all the bondage of human arrogance. We are equal and Allah has made everyone special. We are neither superior to our brothers nor are we inferior!

4. Jealousy: the root cause of all evils. It burns the good deeds as the fire destroys the wood. It is such a common vice, envying others because of their knowledge, popularity, leadership, relationships etc all due to being displeased with the qadr of Allah.

5. Bad Companionship: A foundation of correct Aqidah, good companionship and spending time wisely, how is it destroyed? By the one who feels secure, not in need of guidance and good companionship so they entertain the companionship of the wicked or those unconcerned with upright moral character, those who do not act by ‘ad-dīnun-Naṣīḥah’ so slowly the spending of time flips from goodness to uselessness to evil, from the appearance of a practising Muslim to open sinner (beards trimming down/khimars changing colour) – how, not by the corruption of information but by the vice of poor companionship.. oftentimes by those who feel they have reached a ‘level of excellence’ in their fiqh of the deen, such that they can associate with anyone and receive no ill effects.

6. Sins: Often overlooked, we should fear the retribution of Allah, worry about our guidance and our end as the Companions often did, be careful what you wish for! If you incline towards evil and away from the sanctity of the places of Sunnah and goodness, then perhaps you will receive what you intended.

May Allah grant us Safety from these ways. Ameen.

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