All praise be to Allah.

The bad news is, we all have a past to deal is not bad always but some of it is actually. The moments when we were so engrossed in sinful life. The good news is, its over! This is a new life. Embrace it. Embrace the good life and try to make the future better. We cannot do anything about the past, except we repent and ask Allah to forgive us and move towards better things.

Embrace life as a Muslim, embrace the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallalhu Alayhi Wasallam.

Be a good Muslim, good to your parents, spouse and children. Try to look after your neighbours and orphans. Be mindful of them and try to make ease for them in the ways that are easy to you. Call others to Islam in the best possible ways with your manners.

The past is in the past, let go of its darkness and the darkness inside you. Let Allah cleanse your heart from the effects of your sins, and let Allah give you light upon light. Don't be afraid of the changes. Don't be scared to leave your old habits and toxic people that take you away from Allah. Don't be afraid to change the rebellious and evil inside of you, for it has no power over you except what you allow it too.

You have the power to change and reshape your life, you are more powerful than the devil. The more you strive in the path of Allah, the more easy it becomes and the more help will Allah send. Your willpower can become your aid. The motivation to be steadfast on deen can come from any place, it can come from your frustration, your mistakes and even failures. Motivation can come from being so fed up with your darkness that you flee towards the light in a moment of desperation.

No soul remains black forever, not the soul that is seeking Allah, not the soul that desires change in an effort to please Allah and do better. Entire lives change simply from the desire to make something better, so if you're frustrated with your life, fed up from your sins and your struggles, just let it all go and seek Allah because He is your only solution to Everything. Only He aids us to overcome evil and only He can purify us.

When a soul finds Allah and strives to be better, the impossibilities become possible, broken hearts are mended, the insecurity is turned into security, the lost souls are guided, the despair becomes hope. The overall thinking and work become productive. Life feels good and they feel satisfied and happy. Their sleepless nights become restful, their anxiety and stress become tranquillity and peace, and Hell on earth becomes a paradise for them.

May Allah Azzawajal elevate all of your ranks to Jennatul Al Firdious and guide you to the best of deeds, with light upon light in

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