How We Block the Blessings From Allah

When Ayub (as) became ill and He asked Allah for relief and Allah gave him relief but What did Allah say? ''Allah said to him: you want the cure? kick the earth with your foot at little spring of water will come out, drink from it and wash your body, you will become cured''. Why did He need to kick the earth, Allah almighty could have caused the water to come out without requiring the ill man to kick the earth and how strong will be the impact of the kick of an ill man? it will be weak but Allah Almighty is sending a very powerful message for you and I.

We need to do our part, we need to do our bit and Allah Almighty's assistance will come after that and this is part of Tawakkul. Similarly Maryam (as) after she had just given birth and she was hungry and thirsty, Allah said to her: ''Shake the trunk of the palm tree, fresh and right dates will come down, eat from it''. Why did she need to shake it? Allah almighty could have closed the gates to fall on her without the need to shake it and how strong will be the shaking of a woman to a tree that 10 men can't move? but Allah is sending a message.

You have to do your part and draw yourself closer to Allah and attend the Islamic lectures and if know it very well that it is only Allah that allows matters to matter and allows material to materialize. Your heart is only connected to the Creator. This is part of Tawakkul. There are certain circumstances that a Muslim needs to place his trust in Allah more than others. A Muslim is to plug Tawakkul in his endeavor to achieve everything pertaining to the good of Dunya and Aakhirah, however there are certain circumstances where a Muslim needs to have extra reliance upon Allah.

I will mention three of them and the first circumstance were a Muslim need to have extra Tawakkul upon his creator and ensure that his reliance upon Allah is full when you exit from your home, know very well that Allah is going to assist you to fulfill your good endeavors as our beloved Prophet (salallahu alaihe wasalam) said: ''When a man goes out from his house, he should say the following Dua, memorize it'' ''I place my trust upon Allah and there is no power and strength except in Him'' ''if a person says this it will be said to him: ''You shall be protected and you shall be defended and you shall be guided and shaytaan then moves away from him and then shaytaan will say to another Shaitaan, how can we deal with a person who has been guided and defended and protected? so the first circumstance were Tawakkul is emphasized more than any other time is when you leave your home.

The second circumstance is the moment you struggle financially, when you are struggling with your wealth, with your business, with your income. Allah wants to see from you Tawakkul more than any other times as our beloved Messenger (salallahu alaihe wassalam) said: ''Whoever is struck with poverty and then he seeks relief from people, relief will not come to him but whoever is struck with poverty and he seeks relief from Allah, Tawakkul'' Prophet says: ''Relief will come to him sooner or later''. This is the second situation where a Muslim Tawakkul needs to be strong.

The third is when people turn away from you, you are a practicing individual, Alhamdulillah, upon the Sunnah you want to pray in the masjid and call to the path of Islam, enjoin good and forbid evil. People rather than assisting you they start turning away from you. Place your trust and Allah and continue, Allah says: ''If they turn away from you say Allah is enough for me, none has the right to be worshipped except him, I have placed my trust in him, He is the lord of the great throne''

These are three of the many situations were a Muslim is emphasized to rely upon his creator. True Muslim however relies upon Allah Almighty in all of his endeavors. My brothers and sisters i will end this article with the verse from the Glorious Quran ''And those who believe and they do good deeds, we will enter them into rooms, elevated chambers in paradise, beneath which rivers flow, they will live there forever and how excellent is the reward of those who do good? who are they oh Allah? He says: ''They are those who are patient and they place their trust upon Allah''

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