All praise be to Allah.

We must bear in mind that bad morals can be turned into good ones if repented and followed by good ones according to shariah. However, the question arises, if good morals turn into bad ones?

The answer to this question is that good morals and leniency may turn into rough demeanours and obscenity due to various causes and reasons that turn gentleness into meanness and harshness, leniency into roughness and cheerfulness in anger. The reasons for these can be:

1. One’s status and position can cause a person to become arrogant or depressed as according to his position. This may alter his morals and keep him away from his old friends.

2. Removal from certain position. This may develop negativity and hopelessness in the heart and mind of the person owing to extreme sorrow or lack of patience.

3. Wealth: when a person feels that he is rich, his morals may change and he may become haughty.

4. Loosing property. Becoming poor after being rich may also change ones morals. Either because the person fears to face the society that may call him needy or because he is full of sorrow over what he has lost.

5. Concerns can also distract one's mind and cause anxieties; consequently, one could no longer endure them. It is said that concerns are like poison and sadness is like a disease concealed in the heart of the depressed.

6. Sickness and diseases. One of the reasons for the change in the behaviour of a person is because of the disease he may be facing. They change one’s character just as they affect the body, so neither do morals become moderated, nor can a person bear such diseases.

7. Old age. Ageing can also affect the morals of a person. Just like ageing weakens the body so does it weaken the mind. old age also weakens the soul beyond bearing what it used to bear of opposing desires, anger and the like.

And Allah knows best.

May Allah keep in best of character always.

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