During the time of UMER IBN AL KHATTAB (RA) there were two men who brought in a young boy dragging into the courthouse. UMER IBN AL KHATTAB (RA) asks them what is this is going on? Why are you dragging him like this? They say this boy killed our father, UMER IBN AL KHATTAB asked him did you really killed their father? The boy replies yes I killed their father but it was by an accident. My camel, it used to tread on their property their father took a rock and aimed at the camel’s eye. I saw the camel suffering and it made me furious and aggravated so I took a rock and threw it at their father so rock hit him in the head and he died.

UMER IBN AL KHATTAB (RA) asks the two brothers will you forgive this young man for this accident. They say no we want retribution. Finally, UMER IBN KHATTAB asks this killer the young boy do you have any last words, any last wishes, any last requests? He said yes my father passed away and I have a younger brother my father left some money behind for my younger brother. I would like to have three days to go and retrieve this wealth from the hidden place so that I can make sure my brother gets it when I die and pass away. UMER IBN AL KHATTAB thinks this boy is trying to make up stories he asked him what you are talking about. What wealth? What father? The young boy replied trust me. UMER IBN AL KHATTAB says ok I will trust you but find a guarantor for you someone will guarantee you will be back.

He looks around there is a packed courthouse, he announces will someone help me today? And everyone as the boy is looking around turn their face away. They turn their faces down no one wants to help this boy then form the back of the courthouse, a hand raises up whose hand is this? It’s ABU DHAR AL GHIFARI (RA) the noble illustrious companion who gave dawah to so many of the tribes he says I will be the guarantor of this boy now understand what it means to be the guarantor meaning that if this boy does not come back it will be the head of ABU DHAR AL GHIFARI that is going to be chopped off, that he will be killed. Eventually, boy goes away, the first day goes by the boy is nowhere to be seen the second day goes by, the boy is still nowhere to be seen.

Asr time comes on the 3rd day the two brothers go to ABU DHAR AL GHIFARI (RA) and ask him to come with us to courthouse it is time to be there ABU DHAR AL GHFARI says I will come to the courthouse but the day does not end until maghrib so wait until maghrib. Now it’s time for ABU DHAR AL GHIFARI to appear in the courthouse so he walks through Madinah with these two brothers and people of Madinah follows them. People rush to the courthouse to see what is going to happen with ABU DHAR AL GHIFARI. You can imagine every footstep of ABU DHAR AL-GHIFARI as he is walking towards the courthouse will be full of anxiety the threat will ABU DHAR AL-GHIFARI have to sacrifice his like against the mistake of a boy. And literally minutes before the azaan of the salat of maghrib, the boy rushes in.

UMER IBN KHATTAB and other people wonder now what is going to happen. UMER (RA) asks this young boy “oh boy why did you come back? I did not send any spy to you, I did not send anyone to follow you, what made you came back. He said that I did not want anyone to say that a Muslim gave his word and did not fulfill it, so I come back. Then he (umer) turns to ABU DHAR and asks him O DHAR what made you to be the guarantor of this boy? He replied I saw a Muslim in need and I did not want anyone to ever say that a Muslim was in need and no one was there to help him, so I raised my hand to be a guarantor.

The two brothers after listening to their reasons to be there, they saw when we have people like this, who can a Muslim ask for forgiveness and no one be there to forgive him so they have forgiven the boy. This is the legacy of Islam; this was the code of conduct.

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