My dear brothers in Islam be just like Ali ibn Abu Talib (ra). Yes, be like Ali.... During His time Ali (ra) lost His shield in one of the battlefields and Jewish man managed to grab hold of it and then one day Ali (ra) is in the market, He saw his shield on a table or a store to be sold by Jewish men so He said: ''This is my shield and I lost it on the battlefield'' The Jewish man said: ''it's my shield and it's in my hand''

Ali (ra) was the Khalifah back then, Ali (ra) doesn't need anyone! All Ali (ra) says is I'll take it & the Jewish man does not even dare to say a word would but Ali (ra) said: ''This is my shield and I lost it on the battlefield'' so the Jewish man said: ''but it's my shield and I've got my hands on it'' so Ali (ra) did not want to abuse His power. He did not want to abuse his authority so they went to Qadi Shurayh.

Qadi Shurayh is one of the most famous judges during the time of the Sahaba or during the time of Ali (ra) and he is one of the most world respected and prominent judges that the Muslim Ummah had ever known so Ali (ra) goes to Qadi Shurayh in the courtyard in front of the judge with that jewish man and who is Ali (ra), remember Ali is the Khalifah. He is the leader!

He stands before Qadi Shurayh and then judge tells him, ''Ya Abu Hassan'' so Ali (ra) tells him, don't call me Abu Hassan because it's like you are favouring me over this man. Call me Ali!! and then he tells him ''Oh Ali what is your issue'', He said: ''This is my sheild and I lost it in one of the battlefields and I found it in the hands of this Jewish man'' so Ali (ra) was asked by Qadi Shurayh ''Do You Have Any Witness'' and Ali (ra) says: I have my two children Hassan & Hussain so the Judge says: I'm sorry I can't have your two children as a witness, its conflict of interest as we know in Islam.

Qadi Shurayh asked Ali (ra) again, ''Do you have any other witnesses'', Ali (ra) said: No! So he asked the Jewish man ''Where did you get this from'', Jewish man said: It's mine! Judge says: do you have any witness or can you make an oath that it belongs to you. Jewish man said: I'll make an oath that it belongs to me. So Qadi Shurayh said: the matter and the case is closed, the shield belongs to the Jewish man, sorry Ali, you did not bring witnesses forward and this man made an oath.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) says in the hadith that the one who brings forward a case, he needs to bring witnesses or needs to bring proof and evidence and the one that's in denial could make an oath. so here Shuyarh makes the judgment and the verdict that the shield stays in the hands of the Jewish man so before the Jewish man walks out of the court he says ''Wallahi, There is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is Allah's Messenger.

This is a character of Prophets and Messengers and by Allah I found this shield on the day that you dropped it on the battlefield and it's yours now so Ali (ra) said: wallahi it is a gift from me to you as a Muslim brother now.

This is Akhlaaq in Islam. This is the character of Muslims. This is a character we need to have my dear brothers & sisters.

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