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They tell you that you're oppressed that you follow a religion that hasn't progressed and that cloth you wear in your head is just the symbol of being suppressed but in reality it's just a shame that we live in a world where we are so obsessed with our exterior that we've completely forgotten what truly makes us blessed so if you're surrounded by those who think freedom is about getting undressed then let me suggest that the so-called liberation, they call you to is nothing more than the loss of your self-confidence and respect.

When one in four girls by the time they're 14 are depressed and when suicides become the number one killer of youth, it may be time to reassess the twisted standards of this society like copying what you see on social media so the world is impressed and I know I can't relate to your struggle but there's something I want to get off my chest, you see this disease are feeling worthless because you don't look picture-perfect has crept its way into our homes and none of safe not the young or the old but despite this why you've been sold.

There's something you need to know that no matter what you look like, you're still more valuable than the finest gold, I mean the next time you're scared of leaving your house without painting your face worried about what you'll be told or you spend hours research and cosmetic surgery because you're tired of being trolled or you're curled up lonely and cold wondering how you're ever gonna find a husband and when all they seem to want is a fantasy that's uncontrolled then remember this your Hijab symbolizes everything.

You're trying to uphold the virtues that make up who you truly are like modesty dignity and respect and despite everything that people will say, its your responsibility to teach the world there's no need to put your body on display that true success has nothing to do with how provocatively you can dress. You see the hijab is a source of honor given to you by Allah, it's a symbol of your faith than to make it known who you truly are a woman of piety are not a slave to society but more than that you represent a legacy a history of strength courage and the ultimate victory.

You represent a long line of women who fought for the ultimate cause like (Sumaiyah) a woman who was persecuted because she declared Allah was her only master who was dragged and tired up in the scorching Sun and as they whipped in beater she simply said God is one and as she looked over and saw the tears of her son her strength never wavered as abu jahl grabbed his spear and taunted her she smiled in the face of death knowing that her journey had just begun for she knew that God is with the courageous and she showed those tyrants that nothing can break us.

Like (Aasiyah) the very wife of the greatest tyrant Pharaoh the most heartbreaking of stories you'll ever know who became a Muslim and told him she'd no longer be used for show knowing that meant she would soon be buried down below she was a woman who had the ultimate Kingdom under her feet and yet when she found Allah she knew she was complete or (Fatima) the daughter of Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) a woman who had spent her nights praying & her days giving to the poor and just like her father, she was at the pinnacle of honesty, she was a symbol of modesty so much so that she requested that after she passed away for the people not to see the shape of her body and thus does Allah reward those who embody the virtue of purity and respect for their bodies just like Mary (Marriam), the mother of Prophet Jesus who was so modest and knew her true Worth and Allah honored her with the most miraculous birth and yet she still suffered through her life's tests but she never second-guessed the plan of Allah and Allah called her the chosen one above all women in eternity and thus does Allah reward the courageous in the patient.

These women gave up everything for what they believed and for the hope that this legacy will live on that one day women of faith would symbolize what it really means to be strong so the next time you're up the hijab know that it's not just the piece of cloth nor is it a fashion statement know that you carrying the stories of these women on your head and that sacrifice in your honor will never get you ahead rather success is seeking Allah's pleasure instead.


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