All praise be to Allah.

Our desires can lead us to and encourage us to commit sins or be disobedient to Allah.

These desires create fitnah in us and are very dangerous because they appear more appealing to the ones who have weak souls and iman.

A weak individual gives in, in their desires and gets drawn towards it. He establishes a strong foothold in committing those sins. He has no fear and cannot stop committing them. With the result, a persons iman weakens or even leaves.

One may ask what are those desires that cause fitnah in one's soul? This includes the desire for wealth, accumulation of it, immorality, lust, amusement, foods and drinks, clothes etc. It also includes imitating Kuffar and sinners.

The more the strong these desires are, the more a person commits sins to make them possible. The desire for wealth leads to falling into various sins like the bloodshed, stealing, dishonesty, embezzling people’s money by unlawful means or prohibited means like fraud or selling things which are prohibited, consuming wealth that doesn't belong to the person etc.

Lust for immoralities leads to committing various unlawful activities like rape, fornication or adultery. In this world, where immorality is easy and norm a weak individual is more tend to it. There is no end to sins of masturbation and homosexuality committed by a weak person. It also leads to watching pornographic channels, videos, on the internet or magazines.

This type of fitnah also leads to harassing or stalking the opposite gender at public places of even on social media. These things also cause laziness and lethargy with regards to performing obligatory acts of worship. In addition to lethargy it leads to leniency with regards to them and may lead to leaving them at all.

A person may be chaste and God-fearing but no matter what, if a person opens the door to this fitnah, they will become corrupt, sinful and be destroyed. A person cannot remain steadfast on his deen after indulging in such sins. They lose their religion.

The remedy to get over it is to reflect on the iman and forbidden pleasure is combined with ugliness and it will cause pain after the moment has passed. If you feel strongly inclined toward it, you should think about the pain it will leave behind. It is necessary to compare the two matters and discover the difference between them.

Suffering pain while worshipping Allah and believing in His mercy will bear the fruits of relief and goodness. When the soul finds it heavy and thinks to stop the pain and then compares the end results of the two matters, he will surely prefer the way of hardship.

If a person feels pain because of his evil deeds than he must also think about the happiness and pleasure he felt at the time of ease and doing good. If a person feels pain in abandoning the forbidden things then he must also remember the pain that follows the sin. Comparing the two one will find that the former is much better and easier to bear than the latter.

A person must be thoughtful of his actions and make correct choices accordingly. One should remember the temporary nature of this duniya and prefer hereafter over it.

May Allah bless all.

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