Thursday, 22 February 2018


It is not easy for Shaitaan to deceive people until he uses some tools and tricks which are very difficult to be realized as tools of Shaitaan and that's why he easily deceives mankind so what are those tools and tricks?

BEAUTIFYING OF HARAM - This is the most useful way through which Shaitaan deceives the people. Shaitaan is constantly trying to show the wrong as truth, putting beautiful names on haram things, he makes Haram so beautiful in your eyes until he incites you to commit that Haram action as he himself says; ''My Lord, since you have lured me away, i will glamorize for them on earth and i will lure them all away'' iblees used the same tool to deceive Adam (alayhis-salam) eating from a tree that was forbidden to them (Adam & Eve), iblees made this action very beautiful and told them that if you eat from this tree you will be forever in paradise or you became engines so he made it so beautiful until they obeyed what Shaytan said and they were cast down to the earth. also in another place in Quran Allah says; ''By Allah We Certainly send Messengers to nations before you but shaitaan made their deeds attractive to them. He is their master today and they will have a painful punishment''

DELAYING OF GOOD DEEDS -  Another tool that Satan is using is to cause delay in performing good deeds, he tells you that you have still time, you have more time for prayer, do it later, he brings indolence in you until the prayer time is gone. I've heard of so many youths they said; I have enough time for prayers, its time for enjoying the life, when I become old then it's time to prayer. Oh really! What if your death time arrives in younger ages? don't delay your prayers from time to time, if you want to do tomorrow, do today and if today why later, just do it now, don't let Satan to steal your time.
PROMISE OF SHAITAAN TO REACH YOUR WORLDLY PLEASURES - Satan loves to see what are the wishes and the weaknesses of the people and he gives them promises, he shows them the green lights which lead them astray. Allah (swt) says; He promises them and he raises their expectations but satan promises them nothing but delusions''. Shaitaan makes you busy with beautiful desires, to desire such has no real benefit for you, he makes you busy with collecting many, gaining reputation and fulfilling the temporary pleasures and finally you'll understand that your time is over and you have got nothing, just for a moment think about those who are the richest ones, can their wealth help them to by a single minute when their lives are over? of course not! why because their wealth is in reality just a mirage which cannot benefit them except if they spend it in the way of Allah.

EXPRESSING HIS BENEVOLENCE TO PEOPLE - Satan leads people astray and claims that he's been a beneficial to them and he wants to good for them as it is mentioned in the story of Adam (alayhis-salam) ''And satan swore to them, surely i am a sincere adviser to you''. Same is the case with other people as shayateen are deceiving them in different ways and claim for benevolence to them.

GRADUAL OBLIQUITY - Another trick that satan is using is that he misguide people step by step. He can't suddenly cause someone to commit major sins, the prerequisite step to major sins are the minor ones.

INFUSION OF DOUBT - It is a tool by which Shaitaan infuses doubt into the hearts of the people and brings their belief to the unstable situation. It is reported that Prophet (salallahu alaihe wasalam) said; the shaitan comes to you and asks; who created this? who created that? until he asks the question who created Allah? our Prophet (salallahu alaihe salam) commanded us that if you came to such questions just seek refuge to Allah from the evil of Shaytan. here the evil of Satan refers to having doubt! We shouldn't weaken our belief let to be targeted by Shaitaan.
MAGIC - Whoever listens to the magicians, whoever walks to the magicians, whoever believes in the magician's becomes a disbeliever in Allah (swt), why? because one of the acts that seeks to nullify Allah's power is magic. With a magician the moment you see the way he works you begin to ask yourself; isn't this person so powerful? aren't they so holy? you start forgetting Allah. what begins to happen is your whole focuses on that particular person. The biggest deviation those innocent people are being accused by someone who claims to know the unseen, do you know how they operate? they have a link with the jinn sometimes that too is prohibited? Allah says in the Quran in Surat ul Jin, Allah speaks about it and Allah says ''And from amongst the issues that are taking place, there are people from mankind who are seeking assistance from those of jinkind and those of jinkind are leading them further astray, that's a Quranic verse open Surat ul jinn and read it.

MUSIC - If you go to the Sunnah the most authentic book for Muslims after Quran is Sahih Al Bukhari. This is the most authentic book on earth after the Quran and the Prophet (pbuh) tells us that there will be people of my Ummah, making Haram things Halaal and they would make adultery fornication, they would make silk, they would make assuming intoxicants and music instruments Halaal. Four things the Prophet (pbuh) told us that there would come people who would make these Haram things Halaal so the Prophet is the one who told us that music is Haram. this is real as some scholars refer to music, they refer to it as the Quran of Shaitan. ''Satan's Quran''. It goes into the heart and it occupies the heart and when it occupies the heart there's no room for the Quran of Allah, that's the reality! so when Prophet Muhammad (saw) warned us about it. He warned us about something which was dangerous. Dangerous for our souls.

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