Friday, 9 February 2018

I Almost Sold Islam - True Touching Story

When I was in the UK, one of the Sheikh there, he was sharing his story with us and I heard it personally. It's a very famous story and just to give you an example, one of the sheikh there he says I was hired by one of the Masajid as an Imam, he says I was new to the area and really this is a true story so I really want you to really live it out. He says I was the Imam and I used to take the bus from my house to the town.. to attend to that area and then I would walk to the Masjid.

It wasn't far from there and he says so I would take this bus, he says one day I'll jump on the bus and it was a new bus driver so it wasn't someone that he had seen, he says I jump on the bus. I paid him for my fair and he gave me the change, he says when he gave me the change I didn't really look at what he gave me, until I went back to the back of the bus, i sat down and he says when I sat down I looked at the money and I realised he gave me 20 pounds, in UK 20 pounds, he says so you know i sat there I said man that guy gave me more, he said and then the conversation started happening in my head and honestly how many times have you been in this position?

He is thinking you know what? it's 20 pounds, it's nothing don't worry about it, don't embarrass yourself, they're a big company anyway right and really what's 20 pounds gonna do? so the men sitting there and he is thinking bro it's twenty pounds, should I? shouldn't I? he says Wallahi for the whole trip this is the conversation that's happening and then the sheikh was saying, when I got to my bus stop, he said when I got to my destination, he said I got off my chair and I'm walking down the bus, I'm walking to the front door and I'm still saying to myself do I give it? don't I give it?
He says and then as soon as I got to the bus driver, he said i don't know what went into me man, he said I turned to the bus driver, I said to him look man you gave me 20 extra and the driver said no I didn't give you 20 extra, I gave it to you intentionally, he said why did you give it to me intentionally? he answered for three years I've been looking into Islam and he said when I came and I seen you dressed the way you were dressed I knew that you were an Imam.

He said so today I was going to make my decision, if you were honest I was going to embrace the Islam but if you kept that money, he said I knew that you were liars like everyone else lies so now the Sheikh is speaking about himself, he says I gave him the money, he says I got off the bus, he says when the bus drove off,  he says I started crying, I said to him why? is it because the man accepted the Islam?.. I said to him why? he said to me I almost sold my Deen for 20 cents bro! he said I almost sold Islam. I sold the deen of Allah for 20 cents.

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