Those who spend their lives disobeying Allah will die while disobeying Him unless Allah may forgive them when they return to Him in repentance. Whoever lives while adhering to a certain thing will die while adhering to it. My Muslim brothers living in united states, when i was there visiting them, tell me a story about an American.

That American once entered a Mosque in the town of brooklyn in new yourk on the time when Muslims were performing Fajr (dawn) prayer. He entered the Mosque and after the Muslims finished their prayer, he told them that he wanted to be one of the followers of Prophet Muhammad. He told them that he wanted to embrace Islam. He wanted to know what he should do to be a Muslim.

They asked him about his story and why he came to the Mosque. The american told them that they should only guide him and refrain from asking him. He asked them what to do? they told him to perform a ritual bathing so he did and then they told him to profess the two declarations of faith so he said; ''There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah''

They taught him how to pray so he performed Fajr prayer. He asked them to stay in the Islamic center for few days to know about Islam and they allowed him to stay with them. The first day passed and the second and the third as well and that man attracted the attention of his Muslim brothers by his long prostration to Allah, his crying to Him and his interest in listening to the Quran.

After the Muslims finished the Maghrib (sunset) prayer the american came to one of them to recite the Quran and the other Muslim said to the american, i have begun to look down on myself when i compare myself to you, i have entered this religion since several decades while you haven't entered it except since two days, i see you crying and showing much fear of Allah, you want to hear the Quran, my dear brother i would like you to tell me your story?

The american told him that since four years he would spend every night crying to Allah to guide him to the true religion. The american man continued, on the night before i came to this Mosque, i slept while i was crying to Allah to guide me to the right religion, when i slept i saw Jesus the (son of marry) in my dream where He pointed out at me with His forefinger telling me to be one of the followers of Muhammad.

Jesus and Muhammad are two Prophets whose religion is one ''ISLAM'. They have brought to humankind mercy, truth and guidance. Jesus told the american man to follow the religion of Muhammad. The american went to say, so i entered this Mosque because it is the first Mosque i passed by. He was talking with his Muslim brothers there and the night prayer was announced.

They start congregation and this american man join his Muslim brothers in prayer, in the first Rak'ah, the man made the first prostration and didn't rise his head after it. The other Muslims finished their prayer while the man was still prostrating. They called him but he didn't answer and one of the Muslims who was praying next to him moved him so he fell on the ground. He was found dead.

'O Allah, grant us a good end of our life! He died standing before Allah.What an end! he died while prostrating before Allah. He will be resurrected in the same state he died with on the day of Judgement. He will be resurrected from his grave while prostrating to Allah and will be brought before Allah while prostrating as said by Prophet Muhammad (saw) ''Everyone will be resurrected according to his last work before death, be righteous or evil''  this Hadith is related by Muslim.

O Allah, let us repent to You and accept our repentance. O Allah, make this hour a time for answering our invocation! (Ameen)

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