Friday, 2 February 2018

Free Mixing in Schools

All praise be to Allah.

Free mixing means allowing men and women to be freely sitting together in gathering. In schools, people call it co-education. We must understand the bad consequences of free mixing of sexes at all levels. It doesn’t matter if the people involved are school children. Yes, if taught the right things at the right age, so many evils can be nipped in the bud. Free mixing is a medium that leads to evil and corruption hence its practice is not permissible.

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

“Order your children to perform the prayer at seven years, spank them over it at ten and separate between them in the beds”

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) ordered us to separate children in their beds because they are more susceptible to be inclined to each other and may not understand what they are doing. There is a possibility that putting them together can cause the occurrence of indecent sexual acts due to free mixing.

Similarly, when children are put together in a classroom there is every possibility that they are inclined towards that which can cause corruption on land.

Moreover, children will perceive that they are allowed to freely mix and won’t refrain from it when they are older.

We must understand that under all circumstances the free mixing of boys and girls is not permissible at any level (even at elementary school) because it can lead to immorality.

The perfect Sharee’ah has obligated the forbidding of the means that lead to Shirk and disobedience. We ask Allaah for guidance and success for all. It is sufficient for the sound minded to see what has occurred of immense immorality in the countries that have legalized free mixing.

May Allah protect us all.


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