Sunday, 18 February 2018


He was an alcoholic, he was addicted to alcohol, he had no education whatsoever, no manners whatsoever, he was one of the worst people the worst youth in his community, in his town and one day he was drinking alcohol with a group of his friends and he was the only one who would hold the bottle in his hand, in public and drink. This is how shameless he was, this is how low his level of morality he had at the time so he saw that group of people gathering around one man who was on his donkey.

A huge number of people gathering around him, they seemed to respect him, speak to him and everyone wanted to converse with him so that created some curiosity, he wanted to know who this man is and why these people are so keen to speak to him so he went there and he came close to that man and he stopped the donkey and he said who are you? this is how shameless he was, it's that kind of character that he was, who are you? people around said; this is a Ashabi.

This is Imam Ashabi, he said who is Ashabi? anyone doesn't know Imaam Ashabi? that's the famous scholar of Hadith, no one doesn't know him? so people said him you don't know Ashabi? he said who is Ashabi? what does he do? they said he is a Muhadith, he is a scholar of Hadith, narrates the Hadith of the Prophet (saw). He says what does that mean? what does it mean to be a Muhadith? they told him he is someone who narrates the Hadith of the Prophet (saw).

He memorizes it, he teaches it and that's what he does, he said; ok if you are a Muhadith then narrate one Hadith for me, give me a Hadith, (read carefully my dear brothers and sisters), now this Imam and that's what the people of knowledge should be, this how they should be, he could read the situation and he could read that man so he wanted to give him something suitable for him so he narrated the Hadith to him from a companion of Abu Masud Al- Badri (ra) that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said; if you don't have shyness, if you don't have this quality of bashfulness (modesty) then you can do whatever you wish because there's nothing to stop you from doing shameless things and that moment the heart of this man was open so the word went straight into his heart and after that he decided to change.

He decided to change his whole life so he left his past behind and he went to the famous Imam Malik Ibn Anas, the Imam of Madinah, he went to him and he studied under him and he learned Hadith from Imam Malik and this man who was an alcoholic is the teacher of Al Bukhari and Muslim. He became the teacher of al-Imam Bukhari and Muslim. His name is Abdullah Ibn Maslamah al-Qa'nabi.

One of the most famous scholars of Hadith was an alcoholic, was someone who had no manners whatsoever, no respect for anyone that he would drink alcohol in public and when he studied for long years under Imam Malik, he said i need to see the person who was the reason for me coming to this way to guidance so he decided to travel to al-Basrah where Ashabi was so he goes there and as soon as he arrives, he finds out that Imam Ashabi had already passed awa.

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