A very powerful point which a lot of us are unaware of when you are asking Allah, never ever say in'sha'Allah. you don't ever insult the Creator by saying Allah give me in sha Allah that word in sha Allah. We don't realize when you are asking a Dua, just say Ya Allah give me Ya Allah, please forgive me Ya Allah you will be forgiven.

Don't say Allah please forgive me if you want. No! when you are asking Allah something, you don't say in'sha'Allah. When you are asking Allah you don't say if you will give it to me, what you can say and what you should say Ya Allah when you are asking for something material you say if it is better for me then facilitate it for me and if it is not good for me keep it away from me but when you are seeking forgiveness from Allah (Subhanahu WA Ta'ala) you will never say if you wish because you are pleading with Allah, it is an insult to tell the creator look i want forgiveness but if you want.

I want forgiveness if you want  and If you don't want (Nauzibillah) that's a dangerous statement. We ask Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala to to forgive us all and to help us choose the correct wording so when we make DUA, you say Ya Allah give me if it is better for me, Ya Allah do this for me if it is better for me, get me married to this female if it is better for me Ya Allah or to this male if it is better for me Ya Allah (Subhan Allah)


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