Thursday, 8 February 2018


When Allah has characterized himself with mercy in over five hundred verses. When Allah has described himself in mercy with five different proper nouns. When Allah says He is the Rahman, He is the Rahim, He is the Ar-Rahumr Rahimeen, the most merciful of all those who have mercy. He is the Khairul Rahimeen, the best of all those who have mercy, He is the one who is Dhur Rahman, the one who is always merciful then how can we ever give up hope of Allah's mercy?

How can we possibly give up hope of Allah's mercy? in fact to give up hope of Allah's mercy is an insult to Allah. To give up hope of Allah's mercy is an insult to Allah of the highest magnitude and this is not me writing, this is the Hadith of our prophet. Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) said: The biggest of all Kabeeras (sins) are Kabeerah and Sageerah big and small. You have the big sins, the Large sins, the major sins, you have the most major of the major sins. What are they?

Number One: SHIRK and that Sin is second on the list (To Give Up Hope Of Allah's Mercy). Why is this insulting? because when you feel... even in this world, even in this dunya suppose somebody is very generous and very giving and what not and you asked from him a pitiful amount and you come to him you're in need and you say can you give me a quarter, can you give me a dime? and you assume, oh he's not gonna give me a dime, isn't it insulting to the generous King, isn't an insulting to the rich person who's known for his generosity that he's gonna refuse you a dime. You shouldn't even think like this so to Allah belongs the perfect example.

Any person who assumes that he single-handedly is too sinful for Allah to forgive, Wallahi what an insult? who are you? who are you and what are all of your sins compared to the mercy of Allah? have you limited the mercy of Allah such that you believe you alone in one lifetime can commit so many sins that Allah cannot forgive you, this is the height of insult and that is why it is a type of Kuffur to assume that Allah cannot forgive me.

Prophet Muhammad (Saw) saaid: right after Shirk, the number 2 is to give up hope of Allah's mercy and the Quran says: who gives up hope of Allah's mercy other than those who are completely astray? and Allah mentions in the quran: oh my servants who have wronged themselves over and over again, you've gone beyond the bounds. Allah is saying directly, in the first person He's speaking to them, never give up hope of Allah's Rahmah, Allah forgives all sins.

My dear brothers and sisters, the Rahman, the Rahim, the Ar- Rahmur- Rahimin can continue to show Mercy and he can do have more Mercy than all of the creation combined and it will not diminish his mercy. If He shows the entire creation, it is eternal mercy and that mercy never finishes so what can I do and what can you do that can extinguish that Mercy of Allah? This is the hope so let us renew our intention that we will gain Allah's Mercy.

Let us have that optimism because that optimism is a part of Imaan and let us believe in Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim, let us believe that the Rahman will show us Mercy that the Rahim will envelop us in that Mercy.

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