Sunday, 18 February 2018

8 Famous Personalities Who Reverted to Islam.

You must already know these celebrities by name but do you know what they in common.

They all reverted to ISLAM.

1) MALCOLM X - One of the most famous people to be identified to Islam is malcolm x, later known as malik el - shabaaz.

2) MUHAMMAD ALI - One of the greatest boxers of all time, he was born as cassius clay in louisville, kentucky.

3) MOS DEF - Dante terrel smith, better known as mos def is an american rapper, actor and devout Muslim. Mos def's father was a member of the nation of Islam.

4) JASON DOUGLAS NEWMAN - He was born to christian parents. He is a rapper who grew up in wisconsin, united states of america. He changed his name to Brother Ali.
5) LAUREN BOOTH - Tony blair's sister-in- law, lauren booth is a journalist from great britain and a revert to Islam. She embraced the faith in 2010.

6) CAT STEVENS - Yusuf islam, formerly known as can stevens reverted to Islam in 1977 after a long spiritual search.

7) FRANK RIBERY - The world famous football player, frank ribery reverted to Islam in 2002 at the age of 19. He say wahiba belhami, his wife, was the main reason behind his conversion.

8) DAVE CHAPPELLE - David khari webber chappelle is a talented stand up comedian, screenwriter, producer and actor. He reverted to Islam in 1998.

May Allah protect us from devil and guide us to straight path (Ameen)

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