Salah and Its Significance in Islam

What could one say about this beautiful blessing that we have? Everyday, 5 times a day, we get to be in front of our Lord, our King (Allah). Imagine, we get to be in front of the king of kings, in this world when people wanna meet the kings and the prime ministers and the presidents, they get dressed up, and they go and they talk and they start feeling happy and they tell everybody, right? But we! We have been blessed by the king himself (Allah) to be in His company five times a day, one to one. Indeed Allah is with us all the time but this is when we praise our Lord, this is the time when we pray for our souls and when we pray for our victory.

My brothers and sisters Salah is so important to every believer, it is so important that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said between a person who believes and a person who disbelief there stands his neglecting of the prayer so let me ask the question, if we don't pray does that mean we don't believe? even if the Prophet Muhammad (saw) did not say anything about the dangers of abandoning Salah.

Its a pillar of our Islam, is it not enough for you. To be a Muslim we have to testify our Shahadah, we have to fast in the month of Ramadan if we are healthy enough to fast, we have to give zakah (charity) if we have enough money, we have to go Hajj once in our lifetime if we are able to and we have to pray Salah. These are the five pillars of Islam.

We know that as Muslim we have to believe each pillar, to call ourself a Muslim so why is our Salah sometimes left behind? WHY? This is everything we have, this is our goal, this is our money. My brothers and sisters please don't think i am lecturing. I am not telling you what to do? This is your relationship with Allah and i have my own relationship with Allah. I am gonna have to answer for my deeds on the day of judgement and if i have hurt anybody then indeed Allah is the most just.

I don't consider myself a scholar. I am just a student of Islam and i am just a servant of Allah, i want to see you, my loved ones, me in heaven where there will be nothing of this worlds problems, this worlds desires, this worlds materialism. Salah is our victory and if you pray only once and twice a day, don't worry and continue praying because if you pray Allah knows that you are asking for him to help you.

When you call to Allah and you ask Allah for help, Allah is indeed always there and Allah is the most merciful, He does not want to see us go to hell. Allah wants us to go to heaven but we have free will, we have a choice. When we pray to Allah, Allah helps you, Allah helps me. He says to the Angels 'This Person' says his name! Allah Hu Akbar the king of kings. How badly do we want people in this world to like us and say your name but Allah will say our name if we remember Allah, how beautiful is that. Salah is everything my brothers and sisters. Lets fight for our Salah. Let us all pray, may Allah allows us to pray Salah until the day we leave this world (Ameen)