Wednesday, 31 January 2018


All praise be to Allah.

Parenting is a great responsibility and parents are faced with day to day challenges to bring their children in a good environment and making them follow the Deen of Allah. Many parents face the issue of children falling into bad company and going astray. So the question arises as to how should parents advise their children who are getting away from Islam and bring them back.

The only realistic way to do so is by providing them the best and good alternative; that they love. It has been rightly said that the alternative to bad company is good company. Make sure they have good friends and are schooled in a very good and Islamic school. Make sure your children are enrolled into activities that are beneficial to them, physically, mentally and even spiritually. The activities that they indulge into must be constructive and should affect your child positively.

Firstly, you have to keep a regular check on your child’s activities. If you are going to ignore them and what they do by being busy in your own work and world then forget that the child will understand everything on his own. The society has so much to offer and the number of bad things outnumbers the number of good ones. Moreover, the impact of society and friends may make your child to opt for the bad ones. So, before that happens, spend some time with your child and make sure that they are bought into an Islamic and good environment.

Secondly, provide Islamic education to your child from the very beginning. He may not be able to accept that after imbibing worse things from the world. Make them aware of who Allah is? Who Prophet (peace be upon is) and most important why do we have to follow the?

Thirdly, if your child does interact with people outside of his religion and goes out with them, then see if the limits of friendship are not crossed. Do check that they still remember to pray and avoid all haram things. If by chance the child happens to deviate and cannot find the balance then limit their meeting with the particular person you think are bad influence. Limit the time that they spend outside of the house. If that means that you have to be a strict parent, then be that! You should be strict at certain times but not you should never condemn them or threaten them or insult them. Try to sort out things with love. Remember, the Prophet, peace be on him, taught people through examples rather than through precepts.

Apart from that, you can spend some time yourself with your child. You can go out with them, to some park or restaurant.

Give your child some innovative and beneficial activities to do, that way they remain busy and do not linger on bad.

Teach them the halal ways of having fun.

Lastly, pray to Allah that He, the most Exalted, may guide your child and protect him from going astray.

May Allah help us all.

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