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Prophet (PBUH) said that the last people to come out to DAJJAL (antichrist) will be women and a man would have to return to their homes and tie down their wives, sisters, daughters to protect them to preserve them from DAJJAL. When the DAJJAL’S mission is close to its climax, something strange is going to sweep the world of women. They are going to be deceived utterly deceived that what would appear to them is a road to prosperity or a road to modernism is actually a road to disaster. What would appear to them to be a revolution in the world of women, is simply something mankind never witnessed before.

The prophecy of the blessed PROPHET (PBUH) is today being unfolded in the modern feminist revolution and it’s so-called struggle for women’s liberation but that liberation also gave us women who are dressed but yet naked. All through history women were always covered but now they are dressed and yet naked. It started with the taking off the head covering ‘’oh now i am free’’, ‘’ I am free from bondage’’ ok let’s see who your characters descend then the arm become unveiled, ‘’ friends remarks that oh you’re making progress? And then the skirt coming up and reaches up to the knee. As a result, she starts becomes even more provocative in her dress.

Allah has created her beautiful for man and as she takes off her clothing the provocation for man increased, is this all happening by accident? It starts over there and then like a virus it spread to the rest of the world. The revolution in dress, she’s dressed and yet naked obviously has a sexual repercussion and it leads to a sexual revolution. Where the barriers which were built by the nature concerning the sexual bond are now dismantled and eventually sex is as free as sunshine. Sex is now as free as the sunshine, will then the implication would be universal zina. People eventually won’t bother about getting married; they said marriage is for the birds. No, we are the young ones, we live a different way. A boy and a girl decide ‘’ we wanna live together, we shack up and we say to the society this is a new lifestyle. We shack up and when we satisfy from each other we will shack out ‘’lol’’ inalilahiwainailahirajaon.
In the similar way what used to be considered as detestable (zina) now becomes commonplace and acceptable. Is this happening by accident? If it is not then asked what is the explanation for it? We have an explanation in Islamic eschatology the Prophet (PBUH) explained to us the sexual revolution. It’s not just zina, no. Eventually, you reach a saturation point, when you have a number of women but they will no longer excite you. Then you turn to something else because now men will dress like women, yes because they want to attract another man so the sexual revolution continues and it leads to Homosexuality and lesbianism, inevitable already occurring in the world today. Eventually, you will search beyond homosexuality and lesbianism to give you more pleasure. Nothing else is working for you now. Then to full fill your desires now you turn to children’s and there is sufficient in the world today to tell you that the sexual exploitation of children is spreading ruthlessly. Is this the end of the road for the sexual revolution? No, still there are animals left behind.

Our Prophet (PBUH) gave us the explanation for this phenomenon, the sexual revolution and he said to us this was Dajjals sexual revolution, if you have another answer in your universities, in the department of gender affairs, come on and give it to us we are waiting.


  1. Allahu akbar....may Allah save us

  2. Allahu akbar....may Allah save us

  3. Oh Allah save us from this calamities!

  4. Allahumma inna aaoozubika min hazal finta wa minal fawahish. Ameen Oh Allah we seek your refuge from this calamity and from obscenity.

  5. Well said & has already started...ya Allah pls save us.

  6. I pray May Allah subhanahoo wataalaa protect us from fitnah of Dajjaall


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