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My dear brothers and sisters the reason I am writing this article today is because of a national festival that takes place and 25th December that is the festival of Christmas and it is a good opportunity for us after (Surat Al-ikhlas) to tell our young brothers and sisters about the reality of the Prophet Jesus Christ, about the reality of who Jesus Christ is and why we as Muslims love Jesus Christ and why Jesus Christ is our Prophet and how our beliefs are different than the beliefs of those around us.

This is the right time to tell our young brothers and sisters of this great man and this great personality and what we believe about this man and what and how our beliefs are different from the other beliefs because many of our young children they ask us why don't we celebrate Christmas? why can't we have a Christmas tree? why can't we do this and we do that? and to this we respond that my dear brothers and sisters, Allah has made different people upon different religions and each person should follow his own religion especially when they believe this religion is right.

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, we tolerate other beliefs and we allow others to believe as they want to believe. Islam does not force anybody to believe anything but we do believe in the truth that Allah is one and we say that anybody who believes other than this (Islam) is wrong and mistaken in this regard and we do not preach intolerance. We do not preach hatred of others but we do preach that Allah is one and anybody who believes other than this, they are mistaken in their belief and it is up to them and Allah will decide their fate but our job is to preach and our job is to tell others our beliefs and it's their job if they want to listen or if they don't want to listen and that's between them and Allah so we tell our young brothers and sisters that every religion has its own has its own days of celebration, its own holy days Buddhists don't celebrate festivals of Islam so we don't celebrate Buddhist festivals.
Christians don't celebrate the festivals of the other religions like Hinduism and similarly we as Muslims we do not celebrate the holy days of other religions because by celebrating those holy days it's as if we are celebrating the concept behind the holy day and for many Christians the 25th of December is the celebration of the birth of a man they called the Son of God (Astagfirullah) and we don't believe God has a son so if we were to celebrate that day it's as if we too are saying or we believe that God has a son (Nauzbillah) and we don't believe that God has a son so we say to them that we are not going to celebrate on this day even though of course our religion teachers as good manners and we can say to them a generic statement such as ''may God bless you'' such as ''may God guide you'' we should not say ''Merry Christmas'' because these phrases could be problematic we don't want to bless Christmas.

We don't believe in Christmas, we don't believe Jesus Christ was the son of God and we're celebrating his birth in that manner but we can say something generic such as may ''God bless you'' such as a ''happy day today'' something like this that doesn't use the word Christmas doesn't use any Christian slogan or Christian phrase. We can make a generic phrase and we as Muslims it's a good opportunity to tell the people around us that we also believe in Prophet Jesus so much so that no Muslim can be a Muslim unless and until he loves the Prophet Jesus and he believes in Jesus Christ and it is completely permissible to say Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is the Latinized version of al Masih Isa. Al Messiah a is Christ means the one whom Allah has anointed, Messiah means the one Allah has wiped, anointed, he's been chosen and Christos is the Latinized of Al-Masih, Christos is the one who's been anointed so they say Christ is Messiah, this is the English or the Latin translation and Isa which is the Aramic of Isa, when they translated it to Latin, it became Jesus so there's nothing wrong with saying Jesus Christ.

He is Christ, He is Messiah and Allah calls him in the Quran: ''Al-Masih Ia Ibnu Maryam'' more than eight times in the Quran. Allah says: Al Masih ISA, Jesus Christ so we can say Jesus Christ and we should say that Christ is our Prophet and we love Him. The true love and no Muslim is a Muslim until he believes in Jesus Christ and you know my dear brothers and sister that Jesus Christ has been blessed in ways that no other Prophet has been blessed with. Allah gave him so many blessings, he is one of the mightiest Prophets, He is one of the best prophets ever to walk on the face of this earth and that's the point of our religion.
Jesus Christ was a great prophet, He never claimed to be the Son of God, much less one of a Trinity so my dear brothers and sisters we as Muslims believe in Jesus Christ and we believe we are the true followers of Jesus Christ. This is another point, my young brothers and sisters that we need to understand, do not think that Christians follow Jesus and we follow Muhammad (pbuh) this is wrong, we follow Jesus and Muhammad (pbuh). We follow Moses and Abraham. We are the ones following all of the Prophets of Allah and others who say that Jesus is the Son of God have mistaken, they have misunderstood, they are not following the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.

My young brothers and sisters in Islam know that Jesus Christ is our prophet and we are the true followers of Jesus Christ and our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that when Jesus returns back to this earth, He will judge by the Sharia, by the laws of Islam and his own followers will recognize that they made a mistake and they will then embrace the true faith and that is monotheism that is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is one.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam (Surat Al Ikhlas) teaches us that our Lord is one Lord, our God is one God, it is such a simple belief and yet so many other religions don't believe in this, our job is to all to preach to others that we have one perfect God, H is unique, all other beings must turn to him, He doesn't have a child nor is He begotten and there is nothing similar to him.

May Allah make us of those who preach this message, who believe this message, who teach this message. (Ameen)


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