Sunday, 17 December 2017

Return to Allah Before These 7 Things Happen to You

Ask a student in school how is your Deen. What are you doing for Imaan. How is your Quran. How is your Salah in the Masjid. How is your (Qiyam Al-Layl) are you waking up for Dua at night? Are you remembering Allah subhana WA Ta'ala properly. How is your manners? how is your (Akhlaq). How are you dealing with your parents? Are we dealing with them properly.

He says I am just too busy now and I'm in school and you know school is hard and my parents on my back everyday and do this and do that. I have no freedom. No way I'll achieve anything in this period. but I promise you once I graduate from school Shaytaan pats you on the back, he pats you on the back of your neck, (shaytaan) he talks to you like your best friend, he talks to you like a brother and  you are stuck now. You're in a situation now and I promise you once you graduate from school, Freedom! don't worry I'll take you to the mosque myself, I will wake you up for (Tahajjud), no need for alarms, where am I going, I'm your friend, I'm your best friend. you and he keeps patting you on the back and massaging you softly until you submit and say now no way insha'Allah after school 100% i will follow and when school finishes, he graduates, the Sheikh comes to him and says: Brother, sister what happened? where are your promises.

He goes saying i am stuck in university now and you know I miss school days in university and you know everyone in uni says what? where are school days, they were the best days, we were free we had the time to do whatever we wanted. Shaitaan has dragged you from school to university and in university again we delay, Wallah, we're stuck, it's very hard. the fitna in university, you have no idea, we are struggling, it's very hard. No way I can worship Allah in that's state, but I promise you and Shaitaan just promised me too, once I finish uni 100%, where am I going to go, I will fulfill my promise, I'll be there with you, I'm free no assignments, no doctors, no exams, nothing, Freedom! He finishes University and then he wants to get married.
He says we are living in a very very dangerous place, you know so much dangers around us, the environment, we're going to slip, we're gonna fall in. Please let me get married. All our young men young women say, all I want is a partner to assist me in my Deen in'sha'Allah. Once I get married 100% .I'm just missing this freedom in my life. Once she comes in my life, I'm Romeo she's Juliet and we're on masha'Allah. Everything will be sweet (Deen) will be beautiful. Salah in the Masjid, she wakes me up for the (Tahajjud), I'll wake her up for (Tahajjuad). Little does he know, once hre gets married, No Life. Nothing! Nothing! people get married and they start saying: oh where are the days of freedom? those who are married are wishing they were not married and those who are not married are wishing they were married because now you think you are busy but soon when you have a family, you have children and now you have to pay bills, you have to pay rent, you have to do this, you have to look after her, take her out, take her to holidays.

She wants this ans she wants that, he wants this and he wants that, and it's gone. This is why my brother's if you look at our lives. There is no point in life where a Muslim will have free time for Deen. We have to make time for Deen. The Muslim plans ahead, and says now is the time, no delay, don't believe the promises of Shaitaan, don't believe the false ropes of shaytaan and iblees. Don't worry, in the future, this is the disease that is destroying our Deen. Everyone thinks insha'Allah in the future things will get better,this is why the Sahaba (may Allah pleased with them), my brothers they took the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Look at his words sallallahu alayhi wasallam ''rush to good deeds, compete in good deeds, compete in Deen before you are hit with one of the seven afflictions. what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? a poverty, such poverty that will make you completely forget about Deen. nowadays and alhamdulillah things are available, money is available, financially we are doing very good compared to the rest of humanity. My brothers masha'Allah everything is available, imagine you are hit with such poverty, there's no food on the table for your family, for your children, how can you focus in Deen, how can you read Quran? How can you study knowledge? you can't think. Now you are a bludger, you're doing nothing. May Allah will give you so much you become one of those very very businessmen who don't even have time to scratch their face, brothers come to the Masjid.
Time is money for me and every minute dollars are coming in. too busy to worship Allah, too busy to learn Deen, too busy to learn Quran and richness that will make you transgress against Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and cross the boundaries or a disease that will make you 05:56 uncomfortable will destroy your a better 05:59 and worship you know when someone is 06:01 sick even if have a little flu you can't worship Allah subhana WA Ta'ala properly even you have a blocked nose you can read Quran properly.  you want to make Sajdah, you feel uncomfortable. You have a bit of a fever you can't worship Allah. What are you waiting for? now you are healthy, maybe tomorrow you'll be sick. use your time, race to good deeds, this was the spirit of Sahaba this was the advice of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi assalam or oAllah will make you live until you are old and then you can't worship Allah properly you. You want to go to the Masjid, your back is hurting you, you want to make Sajdah, doctor said don't, your knees and this and that, or it will make you incapable of  worshipping Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and now sudden death,  nowadays my brothers and my sisters, young men, young women, are dying more than older people, elder people are living but young people are dying more often now and diseases (subhan Allah) that we have always heard only come to elder people are now coming at young teenagers.

We are reading the stories and now there is no guarantee you will live. No one should ever have the hope I will live 80 years, I will live 100 years. How do you know? A little car accident and you're gone. a small disease unexpected around us. Allah show the signs around us but still my brothers, Shaitaan is fooling us. Are you waiting for the Dajjal. The prophet of Allah said: he is the worst expected or you waiting for the hour. The hour is even more bitter and worse what are we waiting for? Why are we delaying our Dean for?








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