Today we are going to introduce you to a story of IBRAHIM and his beloved wife and son. So let’s begin IBRAHIM (AS) received a command that he has to take his wife HAJIRA and his newborn son ISMAEEL (AS) into the middle of a desert we now know as MAKKAH. At those days there where noting there no food no sources nothing. Allah has instructed him to leave your wife and a newborn baby in the middle of the desert. So he went off the journey. Hajira (AS) knew nothing about it, all she knows is that she is going on a journey with her husband. But note my dear sisters how she was obedient and loyal to her husband. Trust between husband and the wife is a most important aspect of your married life no matter what from where you belong. She obeying him, putting her trust and loyalty and follows her husband. Eventually, they went and reached in the middle of the desert. After reaching some point as instructed they sat down for some rest and IBRAHIM (RS) stood up and started to walk back to Palestine. He did not ask his wife to follow. So she chased after him YA IBRAHIM who are you leaving us to! There is no one with us what are you doing? IBRAHIM (AS) would not reply to her why? Because if he replies he will get into a conversation and he’s afraid his heart may lose itself. He has to full fill the command of Allah (SWT) who has a greater plan. He just kept walking straight without looking at her. She kept on following him YA IBRAHIM who are you leaving us to? He would not reply just kept walking. Finally, HAJARA (AS) stopped for a minute and thought with her piety, with her righteousness with her knowledge of ALLAH (SWT) that it might be the ALLAH’S plan.

She ask one simple question to his husband YA IBRAHIM is it ALLAH who commanded you to do this? IBRAHIM (AS) still without looking at her he replied in only one answer he said... YES and kept on walking. After listening to its ALLAH’s plan HAJARA (AS) stopped in the middle of the desert and watched her husband walk away. IBRAHIM reaching miles away he made the supplication to ALLAH ‘’O LORD! I HAVE SETTLED SOME OF MY OFFSPRING IN A BARREN VALLEY BY YOUR SACRED HOUSE SO THAT THEY WOULD PERFORM THE PRAYERS. O LORD, make the hearts of some people yearn towards them and provide them with fruits for which they would give thanks’’. HAJARA (AS) calmed down and said the following words ‘’therefore ALLAH will not let us go’’! ALLAH will not lose us!

 She settled down there breastfed his child and drank some water that IBRAHIM left for them. After sometime she ran out of the water. They both become thirsty and started crying due to thirst. On noticing his child requires water she set forth looking for water. Safa the mountain closest to her, she ascends and looked at the valley to see if she could find someone so she would assist him. On perceiving that no one is there she descended from the mountain and reaches the valley. Then she climbed the Marwah mountain in order to search some water but again she came back with empty hands. She went back to safa then back to Marwah for many times. On her last arrival to Marwah, she heard a voice which prompted her to call out: ‘’help, if you can’’. Eventually, there was Angle JIBRIL, who hit the ground with wing until fresh and pure water emerged. This is called as ZAM-ZAM

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