Change Your Life in One Night (With Fajr)


You know when we talk about reminders, we talk about grand things and I believe in talking about advice in a very practical manner and let's start little by little and let it build little by little. The first thing you gotta do is you have to discipline your life. I have to do it, you have to do it. You know what it means to discipline your life ''Go To Sleep Early'' pray Isha'a and go to sleep. Don't go to the hookah join until 12:30 am, don't go to see a movie, don't go hang out with your friends, don't watch Islamic lectures until 2 in the morning, ''Do Not'' It's not beneficial for you. Pray Isha'a and go to sleep and wake up early.

Wake up before Fajr and give yourself 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 15. I know it seems impossible, it's only impossible because of Netflix at night, Ok. That's the only reason it's impossible, give the nightlife up and let the night be for sleep, at least you are not accumulating sin every night, at least you are not burying your heart under more sin every night, at least you are sleeping, at least you are innocent for that much and then you wake up and you pray, at least start with a routine of praying fajr on time, at least once a week my dear brothers and sisters. Make it to the Masjid for Fajr, at least once, I don't ask you every day. Just one day a week, give yourself one day a week and you don't catch the second Rakat right before the Salaam. Right? and then after you finish making it up, you are like ''Oh, I went Masjid today'' that's right.

You are like pointing to the right one and you wrote that down and you remember it the whole day like you do something extraordinary, Nah, you just did it for yourself.  Get to the Masjid early. Let me tell you something about Fajr in the Masjid, it has a spiritual impact that only people who go to it will experience, it can't be explained here. When you go to it, when you go to the prayer and you sit there in the Masjid quietly and you wait for the prayer to start and you sit there and you recite Quran and you ask Allah to forgive you in those morning hours and then you stand to other believers and countless armies of Angels and you stand and you pray in front of Allah in that early morning giving up your sleep which only happened because you gave up your nightlife.

When you do that even once a week, the joy you will get out of it as you are walking to the Masjid, you wish to yourself you did that every morning. I swear to it and i guarantee. You are gonna walk out of that Masjid saying ''Man i wish i could this every morning'' You really will but start with once a weak ''Start With Once A Weak''

''However performs the Prayer before the rising of the sun and the Prayer before it's setting will not enter Hell'' (Prophet Muhammad PBUH)


  1. After praying The last prayer of day Isha'a, awake so early the sami darkness is the best quality of the wisest person. May Allah intend us the wisest person like Phophets and his companions Ameen


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