Saturday, 30 December 2017


and since tonight is the night of New Year's Eve and it's a good opportunity for us to sit down tonight and talk about what's the Islamic perspective on the New Year Eve because a lot of Muslims mix, a lot of Muslims mix up and a lot of Muslims have misconception of understanding the new year eve  and the celebration of New Year's Eve, a lot of Muslims growing up in the West think that's part of Islam and that don't even realize that and maybe we were one of them when we young, when we did not have the Islamic education awareness or maybe our parents did not make us aware enough that these things are not permissible in Islam or maybe even themselves didn't even know and this is the unfortunate thing that many people don't know.

Many people think that Islam is just Uhh! you know it's part of Islam. we have a Eid Al Adha, we have a Eid Ul Fitr, we have New Year's Eve and we have also Christmas so what does Islam tell us about those: ''Allah had replaced you a festival or celebration better than those celebrations and festivals and now you have better Eid's set by Allah (subhanahu wa'ta'ala) not made up or innovated by any human being.
Any other Eid. any another festival, any other celebration, it's not part of islam and it's not acceptable by Islam especially when a celebration is based on disobeying Allah (subhanahu wata'ala) especially when a celebration is based on prohibited matters and especially when a celebration is based on the Haram. These are no doubt are rejected so in other words, as Muslims do we have something called New Year's Eve?

Yes we have something called New Year's Eve but we don't believe there's something called celebration of it and we don't believe of something called festival of it and believe of something called well wait till the midnight where everyone else is awake waiting for the moment of Haram and start disobeying Allah (subhana WA Ta'ala).

We believe during those nights, during the nights of corruption, during the noise of disobedience, during the nights of fitna, during the night in which Allah (azzawajal) getting disobeyed. It's the night for us to distinguish ourselves in front Allah that ''Ya Allah'' during the moment when everyone else is disobeying you, Here I am a servant of yours who obeys you, Here I am a servant of yours who obeys you Allah.


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  2. It is nowhere mentioned in islam that celebrations are allowed only during eid. So please stop spreading lies and creating drift between people. Be a human first

  3. There are hundreds of things that is not mentioned in the Quran but its still not permissible. We have the hadith and the scholars study it days and night to find out these things. So your logic of not mentioned in the Quran isnt right


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