Thursday, 2 November 2017

Trial of Wealth - Story of the Owner of Two Gardens.

The story of the owner of two Gardens is about the farmer who was obsessed about his gardens. He is blessed with two beautiful gardens, he was given all the wealth and riches by Allah subhana wa taala. 
However, all this wealth lead him astray and he started doubting the existence of Allah. He was very proud and arrogant and was not grateful to Allah tala. As a result of his attitude, Allah Almighty deprived him of all the materials, blessings and bounties. His gardens were destroyed. It made him realize the transient nature of the worldly things and his folly. He regretted but it was too late for him and it did not benefit him.

It is the story from Surah Al-Kahf and Allah mentions in Quran:
He went into his garden and wronged himself by saying, ‘I do not think this will ever perish, or that the Last Hour will ever come– even if I were to be taken back to my Lord, I would certainly find something even better
there.’ (Surah 18: 35-36)

“And present to them the example of the life of this world, [its being] like rain which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it and [then] it becomes dry remnants, scattered by the winds. And Allah is ever, over all things, Perfect in Ability.” (18:45)

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Lessons from the story
This story holds two great lessons for Muslims. The first lesson is about the trial of wealth. A person must always be thankful for all the wealth and blessings of Allah and believe that everything is given by Allah the Almighty and he is in full power to take away anything the way he gives it. 

He tests people by means of wealth to see if they will be grateful to Him or not.
The second lesson that this story holds is that a Muslim must understand that the nature of the material things is temporary. Everything in this world will end and nothing is permanent and one must always thank Allah before it is too late. Even today Allah puts the Muslim ummah in various trials of wealth. We must always be thankful for what we have and not be too attached to the worldly things that we forget Allah and his gratefulness.  In Quran, Allah Almighty perfectly explains the condition of the worldly things:

“Set forth to them the similitude of the life of this world: It is like the rain which we send down from the skies: the earth’s vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter: it is (only) Allah who prevails over all things” (Surat Al-Kahf, verse 45)

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