Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Demons of Our Destruction.

In the name of Allah the most compassionate, the most merciful.

To err is human! But why do humans make mistakes? What makes them err? Why don't they repent? 
Dear brothers and sisters, we all are influenced and by the demons and devils who never stop planning our destruction and our downfall!

They never tire and watch us constantly, they wait patiently and make every effort to deviate us, to make us fall!
They attack everyone, the ones that you love, the ones that you know and we all have our own fights against them! They infiltrate our mind, our heart!

Indeed Allah mentions the Shaytaan as our enemy yet we do nothing to fight him back. We let him destroy us. Why? We let him deceive us, destroy us, take us to the hell.

So what do we do? Be strong! If u deviate, correct yourself. Don't let yourself fall. If you do, stand up. If you change in a negative manner, change back to the positive manner which you once did for Allah's sake.
Investigate yourself constantly. Search for your flaws, hunt them down and rectify them. Fight and keep on fighting and if you need to rest, then rest and recuperate so that you can fight again tomorrow.

We may feel we may never come back. We are lost. Allah won't accept us. But no, this is not true.
You may feel like the fighting has overcome you and you've been defeated too many times... But this doesn't mean anything at all.

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You can do better, you must be willing to change, and you must be determined every single day to do better than you have the previous day that has passed you by.
All of us have demons to fight, some of us much more than others... Regardless of how difficult your fight is, no fight is too difficult for a person who is determined to change.

Allah will be on your side if you seek Him. Allah will aid you if you ask Him too. Allah will protect you when you call out to Him. Your best weapon is dua, your Protector is Allah, but the fighter... the fighter IS you.
So fight against your demons and know that the entire Ummah is praying for brothers and sisters just like you wish to see you succeed.

May Allah guide you back to where you used to be and make you better than ever before. May Allah protect you from the bad company and the mistakes you may have made. May Allah suffice you and place all of your affairs in your control.

 May Allah keep you firm one you get back on track and increase you in wisdom and guidance.

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