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Beautiful Appearance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

 The Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasalam is known to be the most of the beautiful creation of Allah subhana-wa-taala. No was ever like him, no one will be ever like him. He had the most beautiful appearance.

Almighty Allah had put a kind of awe in his holy face due to which, despite his being kind and merciful, nobody could stare at his holy face. Every denier or hypocrite trembled while looking at his holy face. His fright could be felt by unbelievers from a distance of a two-day journey

Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasalam was of height above average and always appeared taller than other men around him. He (saw) was of sturdy build with long muscular limbs and tapering fingers.

The hair of his head was long and thick with some waves in them. His forehead was large and prominent, his eyelashes were long and thick, his nose was sloping, his mouth was somewhat large and his teeth were well set. His cheeks were spare and he had a pleasant smile. His eyes were large and black with a touch of brown. His beard was thick and at the time of his death, he had seventeen gray hairs in it. He had a thin line of fine hair over his neck and chest. He was fair of complexion and altogether was so handsome that Abu Bakr composed this couplet on him:

"as there is no darkness in the moonlit night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright."

The beauty of the Prophet was so overpowering that Amar ibn Al-A’as is saying, there is nothing that I got more peace from, more serenity from than to simply look at the face of the Prophet. And yet he couldn’t just stare at him because of the reverence, because of the overpowering awe that he is looking at the Prophet.

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Ali ibn Talib (R), a close family member and cousin of the Prophet, says –

The Prophet did not have a very fleshy face, nor was it completely round, it was slightly ovalish. He had a whitish skin with a reddish tinge (as explained earlier this means lighter brown), his eyes were large with jet-black pupils and his lashes were long. his joints were large as was his upper back. He did not have hair all over his body, he had a fine line of hair extending from chest to the naval. When he would walk, he would walk briskly as if he is descending down a slope. When he would turn, he would turn to face with his whole body.

Whoever unexpectedly saw him, would stand in awe of him. And whoever accompanied him and got to know him would love him. And those who described him would always say “I have never seen anyone before him or after him, who was like him”.

Ali ibn Talib (R) continues –

between his two shoulders was the seal of the prophethood.
Narrated Anas:

I have never touched silk or Dibaj (i.e. thick silk) softer than the palm of the Prophet nor have I smelt a perfume nicer than the sweat of the Prophet.

(Sahi Bukhari, Vol 2, no 815)

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (May Allah be well pleased with him) says,” I have never seen anybody as beautiful as the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). It is as if the sun draws its light from His face and moves.”

(Jame’ Tirmidhi Vol 2, Pg No: 202, Zujajatul Masabeeh, Vol 5, Pg No: 25)

There are numerous other hadith regarding his sallalhu alaihi wasals's characteristics. May Allah fill our hearts with his love.

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