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In this post, e will be talking about the third daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Hadhrat Khadijah bint Khuwaylid(Radi-allahu-anha): Hadhrat Umm Kulthum (Radi-allahu-anha). She was born in the year 603 CE, and was a year younger than her sister, Hadhrat Ruqayyah(Radi-allahu-anha).

Before the advent of Islam, she was married to Utaybah, one of the sons of Abu Lahab:the arch enemy of Islam. He ordered and forced his son to divorce his wife, Hadhrat Umm Kulthum(Radi-allahu-anha). She came back to her father's house and lived there for many years, shouldering the burdens of life with her mother Khadijah (Radi-allahu-anha)

Quraysh was very atrocious towards Muslims and boycotted them on the social and economic frontier. Muslims suffered a lot and some were even forced to eat leaves of trees. Hadhrat Khadijah (Radi-allahu-anha) died shortly after the boycott ended. Hadhrat Umm Kulthum, However, braced herself up and did not let the sadness and sorrow affect her negatively. She took care of the household and her little sister Fatima (Radi-allahu-anha) in a very mature manner.

In year 622 CE, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) migrated to Medina from Mecca, leaving his daughters behind. He later sent Zayd ibn Harith (Radi-allahu-anhu) to bring his daughters to Medina. Life at Medina was better and they won the Battle of Badr. Unfortunately, by the end of it, she lost her elder sister ruqayyah(Radi-allahu-anha) due to illness.

After the demise of Hadhrat Ruqayyah(Radi-allahu-anha), Umm Kulthum (Radi-allahu-anha) was married to Uthman ibn Affan in the year 03 AH(624 CE). As a result, Uthman (Radi-allahu-anhu) earned the title of Dhu al Nurayn(the possessor of two lights), because he married two daughters of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)

They lived happily for 6 years but the marriage remained childless. She passed away in year 09 AH in the month of Shaban (630CE), at the age of 29. She was laid to rest next to the grave of her sister, Hadhrat Ruqayyah (Radi-allahu-anha)

Her life teaches us to be steadfast in faith and act maturely and patiently towards hardships in life. She took all her responsibilities with great care.

May Allah bless her noble soul.

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