Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Top Six Etiquettes and Rules of Speech in Islam

A person is known by the way he talks. The first impression we have of a person can be had from the way he/she talks. Moreover how people interact with you, how they enjoy your company, all is based on the way you talk. 
Here is this piece of article we will go through some fantastic tips on the etiquettes of speaking from the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (saw)
1. Smile often.

We all are familiar with this beautiful and popular hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw):
“Your smiling in the face of your brother is charity.” [Jami` at-Tirmidhi]
Well, a frown never made a friend or conversation enjoyable. A smile is a great ingredient to start any conversation. It makes both the persons comfortable and induces positivity and joy. 
2. Control your tone and volume.

No one ever wants to be treated like nothing. keep your tone and your volume in check, no matter what! our Prophet Muhammad (saw) never used to raise his voice even if people said so much about him! Allah says in Holy Quran:
“And be moderate in your pace and lower your voice; indeed, the most disagreeable of sounds is the voice of donkeys…. But of the people is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or an enlightening Book.”  (31:19-20)

3. Start with the Salaam.

When you start your conversation with the salutation (Asalamu-Alaikum) you are actually invoking Allah's blessings upon the person you are speaking to, and in return get the same from him/her. How beautiful! It repels hatred and creates love. 
4. Stay away from arguments.

Indulging in disputes is not accepted in Islam, instead, one is recommended to stay away and be patient. Allah says in Holy Quran:
“And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength depart and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).” [Qur’an: Chapter 8, Verse 46]
Indulging in disputes and quarrels is one of the major problems of speech that most people suffer with. Being a Muslim our focus should be on the good ties and bonds among the people not on proving another person wrong and fighting thereof. If a discord arises, handle it with dignity and wisdom rather than arguing like hungry wolves! Moreover giving up a dispute for the sake of Allah has a great reward for it.
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: 
“He who gave up disputing while he is right, a palace of high rank in Paradise will be built for him. He who gave up disputing while he is a fabricator, a palace in the center of Paradise will be built for him.” (Tirmidhi)

5. Do not abuse.

Needless to say, abusing has become a fashion among the youth. Even the most civilized ones too use abuses as a common language instrument. But remember brothers and sisters it is forbidden as Prophet Muhammad (saw) said :
“The one initiating abuse incurs the sin of abusing as long as the other did not return it.” (Muslim)
“The believer does not defame, abuse, disparage, nor vilify.” (Tirmidhi)
All the above elements in this hadith is associated with the speech and a believer refrains from all such evil things.

6. Control your Anger.

Refrain from anger. When anger is present in a speech, the ultimate result is a person losing grip of senses as well as clouding the judgment, which ultimately leads to an uncivil speech and false judgment. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“He who is victorious over his passion at the time of anger is the strongest among you. He who forgives having the power to release (his anger and take revenge) is the most patient among you.” (Bai-Haqqi)

May Allah Guide us.


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