Thursday, 16 November 2017

5 Great Lessons From the Life of Adam (AS)

Adam AS holds the distinction of being the first man ever created, the first prophet, the first sinner and the first one to repent. We learn many quality lessons from the father of the Mankind. In this article, we will explore some of those.

1.       Shaytaan is our worst enemy.

Shaytaan (devil) was jealous of Adam As and used his cunningness to drive our father out from the gardens of Jannah(heaven). Allah had ordered Adam(AS) not to touch certain fruits but Shaytaan tricked him into eating from the tree Allah had specifically forbidden to eat. He never ever directly told them that they must do this but he came in different disguises and made the fruit appealing to them until they gave in and were banished from the Heaven.
What we must learn from this ordeal that Shaytaan has the power to tempt a human and make him fall into sin and error. He wants all of the humanity in hell and he is working tirelessly for it to happen from the beginning, until the end.

2.       Repentance

A man is made of error. Earth is filled with people who sin and transgress the limits set by Allah aza-wa-jal but don’t the Lord, ever so merciful, forgive the one who repents. Indeed the heaven is filled with people who sinned and repented.
From the life of Adam AS we learn the importance and might of repentance. No matter they transgressed against themselves and broke the limits set by Allah aza-wa-jal for them and banished them from the Heaven but when they realized what they did, they soon regretted their mistake and repented with humility and sincerity. And Allah subhana-wa-taa’la forgave them. Their story teaches us that Allah aza-wa-jal loves the one who repents and corrects his ways and He is oft-forgiving, ever merciful.

3.       Arrogance is loathed by Allah.

We must remember that Shaytaan was not stupid, he didn’t land in this situation because of his stupidity but because of his arrogance and jealousy. Both of these qualities are hated by Allah taa’la in a Muslim. When Shaytaan was asked to bow down before Adam AS by Allah aza-wa-jal, he refused, clearly stating that he is better than Adam and will never bow down to someone who he considered inferior. He stated that he is created from fire and hence is more superior than Adam who is created from clay. He blatantly refused Allah’s order and because of his arrogance was banished from heaven and was promised the Hell.
He didn’t repent. He never felt regret over his actions. He is still arrogant and a Muslim must learn that repentance and humility are traits of a Human whereas arrogance is a trait of a Shaytaan and indeed he is our clear enemy.

4.       Allah listens and answers our dua.

We know when Adam AS and eve AS sinned, they seeked Allah’s repentance. Allah The highest, forgave them. But have you pondered that when Shaytaan(Iblis) asked Allah’s favor, he too was answered? When Shaytaan was thrown out of heaven, he made a supplication that until the end of time, he should be given the power and permission to make the son of Adam sin, and take the son of Adam to hell, along with the Iblis himself. Allah taa’la answered his dua!
We learn from here that no matter what if Allah can grant and answer the dua of Iblis, why won't he answer ours? We must always believe in Allah the Almighty.

5.       Have faith in Allah.

Adam AS, we know used to live in the heaven, enjoyed its beauty, but when he was sent to earth, he was not disappointed as would an average person. The earth is nothing compared to Jannah.
However, Adam AS never lost hope in the mercy of Allah, he never lost his faith. He continuously asked for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy and Allah aza-wa-jal not only forgave him but blessed him with numerous blessings and the best among them were his progeny. he(AS) did not despair or left his hopes but had full and strong faith in the plan of Allah. We learn that our faith must not waver and we must always trust Allah subhana-wa-taa’la.

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