My dear brothers and sisters, remember that this whole life according to our religion is a life of tests and trails and therefore every one of us will be tested and trailed in different ways but all of us are tested and tried and the one major mechanism to overcome and pass those tests and trails is what?
It is patience and that is why Allah says: seek Allah's help when you face the calamities when you have any problems seek Allah's help. Life is difficult and you need help, what help are you gonna get? Allah mentions two things?

Seek help through PATIENCE and through SALAH

We can learn a lot from the life of our beloved Prophet (saw). Whenever our beloved Prophet (saw) was troubled with anything, whenever something bothered him, what would he do? He would rush to stand in Salah, Salah would make him calm, Salah would make him conquer those problems, those fears, and those frustrations so patience and Salah are the two things that Allah has told us to seek help in.

My dear brothers and sisters realize that beautiful verse in the Quran that tells us (Be Patient) so patience is of levels and the highest level is a beautiful patience and a beautiful patience is one when people don't even realize you are being patient and nobody knows other than Allah that you are being patient, that is the perfection of patience, nobody can see you are frustrated, nobody can see you are agitated, nobody can see that you are feeling anger, you mastered is so much that only Allah knows.

That is the perfection which Allah says: perfect your patience until it is a perfect and beautiful patience and the hadith that I will remind myself and all of you is that how does one achieve patience my dear brothers and sisters? Well, there is no mechanism but the most important are to want patience from Allah to be eager to be to be patient, to be greedy to be blessed with patience.

We can learn this from the beautiful Hadith and its such a simple, such a profound Hadith, It is a Hadith that I want us to memorize so that we are prepared for when that calamity strikes us (However desires to be patient, He actively wants to be patient, Allah will give him the patience he requires) What a beautiful Hadith, there is no magic trick, there is no mechanism other than wanting to be patient.

When the calamity happens, you realize ''You Know What'' I need to be patient. O Allah help me to be patient. Whoever wants that patience Allah will give him that patience he or she needs or requires. It is that simple my dear brothers and sisters. You want to be patient? Then demonstrate to Allah and show to Allah that desire and guess what? Allah has promised, you want that patience, you will get it.

Allah tells us in the Quran: If you are patient for your Lord then you will get it and this is by the way of the first commandments that was given directly to our beloved Prophet (saw) by Allah (Be patient for the sake of your Lord for the rest of your life ahead). This is the advice I give myself and all of you, we need to make sure and realize that patience comes from Allah. You want to have patience, make dua to Allah and ask Allah for that patience and realize that Allah loves you and cares about you even more than your mother.

Prophet (saw) said: (Whatever happens, happens for our best even if we don't understand it). So let us all make Dua and let us try to master this beautiful concept because in reality faith and patience are linked, the one that has faith has patience and the one that has patience has not perfected faith...