Monday, 9 October 2017


Look at how merciful Allah (swt) is. He says in Quran Whoever engages in these three: Associating partners with Allah, committing murder, committing Adultery. Allah says that the punishment for them will be double and they will be entering into hellfire and they will receive in there a punishment for a very very long time or for forever. (May Allah guard us). And immediately after that he says ‘il-la’. Il-la means there is an exception. Allah says there is an exception, People who have committed a sins, do not lose hope. People who have committed a sin with no repentance are the ones who are doomed! But Allah says “the exception of those who engage in repentance and do good deeds after their repentance, “Allah says “we will take the sins they have committed and convert them into good deeds and put them onto the right side of the scale when they come on the day of Qiyammah”. Their sins will have been converted into the acts of worship because of the two conditions that they met that is istagfar and tawbah and other was after they repented, they did good, they didn’t go back to that. So when you seek forgiveness you are forgiven but when you seek forgiveness and after that forgiveness you never go back to that again. Allah says now you deserve that deed of yours to be converted into gold. A bad deed is converted into Salah, into hajj, into zakat. Some of us have never made it to Hajj (May Allah make it easy for us) and some of us cannot afford it but who knows when we come on the day of qiyammah and have as hajj next to our name. Because we committed a sin, repented and never ever went back to it. This was more powerful than the five hajj. Allah Hu Akbar. This is from the hadith of Rasool Allah (saw).

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